Anywhere under cover open tomorrow?

Will be arriving with two kids and a too-small tent tomorrow. The weather forecast is grim so don't want to be stuck in the tent but being out and about in a thunder storm with the little 'uns doesn't appeal either. Is there anywhere likely to be open that's under cover tomorrow? Will the Little Folk field with all it's wonders and tents be accessible or do we have to wait until Friday for the fun to start?


Don't think the Little Folk section or any of the other areas will be open tomorrow. Tha Far Out tent supplies a fair bit of shelter though. Shouldn't be continuous rain, just heavy showers (which might miss Glanusk altogether anyway). You're welcome to seek shelter under our gazebo!

We have the same issue tomorrow, with two young kids in tow: pitch early & hope we won't be trapped in the tent all day, or arrive late. It's a shame it's the one day there's not a lot of under-cover stuff for the kids to do.