sorry to seem like a complete and utter idiot but are there cash machines on site??

thank you! counting down the days to be back :-)

Hi Hope - Yes there are a couple, definately on up near the Far Out stage and I think there's one between the main stage and the courtyard.

you working for mr ray, huww?

a word of warning about the cash machines - for most of the day there's a huge queue and rarely do all the machines work.


I think last year there was a technical problem that meant that they could have one at a time (think they need to be connected to a phone line, but the phone line was gone so they had to use a mobile, or something... Hope this will be sorted by this year- it was one of very few things that seemed to go wrong organisation-wise last time!

By the way, this is maybe a good place to ask- do most of you take a whole festival worth of cash (which must be a huge amount for families) or rely on the cash machine? Or something else?

I take all the cash I hope to need, plus my bank card and clear my wallet of everything else. Does anyone know if Rough Trade take cards in the tent? I can see there being far too many temptations this year.


I tell myself I should do that every year but then it might be needed in case of emergency. 

Between the Rough Trade tent and the Courtyard Bar, that area of the festival is a massive money pit.

Yeah Blackcatista, we take two wads of cash, one for us to spend as we please, and the other divided into envelopes, one per child, per day...... Turning into my parents by coining the phrase... 

"Here's todays spends, kids, when it's gone it's gone so spend it wisely!"  

...Because they aren't touching my cider money, not even a sniff.