Specific band timings

Another newbie question from me I'm afraid. Do GM normally post exact timings of bands in advance of the festival itself? I can see the running order has been up a couple of weeks now, and there look like some potential horror crashes - but exact timings might mean that I can dash from one to the other without missing a huge amount of either (fingers crossed).

Unhealthily excited now. 5 more working days for me.


never published in advance until the programme's available on site on the thursday

clashfinder will be reasonably accurate this year though, i think

bar some last-minute swapping around of running orders

which occasionally happens

Thanks Ray. Oh, the agony of uncertainty. I'll print off the clashfinder in any case, hopefully as you say it won't be too far wrong.

same number of bands each day as last year (bar thursday)

so unless they're drastically mixing up how they schedule, will hopefully be pretty close

Hi Ray, I am working the festival and my boss is very accommodatng with our shifts if there is a band that we are desperate to see but it would be great to be able to give him some advanced warning to jig his schedule. Any chance ???? xxx


Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Dear Kate, I fear you have grossly overestimated the power of the Rad!

What Ray is saying is that, given the previously known set timings, and the fact there there appears to be a similar number of bands on each stage per day compared to previous GMs, the Clashfinder referred to in the Clashfinder thread is probably reasonably accurate.




but obviously i'll see what i can do