Walking from Llangattock

My daughter, granddaughter and I will be staying in Llangattock. How easy is it to walk to Green Man? Also, are there taxis available to get back at night? Thank you x

it's doable

just a bit further than crickhowell - about a half hour walk

i'd advise getting some reflective jackets or sam browns for the walk back at night

the road's not lit - and there's no pavement - and some of the local boy racers do hammer it along there a bit

but it's basically safe as long as you can be seen

keep a torch on and point it behind you so cars can spot you

We're staying at Park Place Guesthouse again which is classed as Llangattock though it's only really just over the river and a stone's throw from Crick. As Ray said, it's about half hour walk on the B road to car park entrance, but it is on a road with no pavement. Pretty sure it's possible to walk along the canal tow path too if you go up the hill into Llangattock proper, but think this might be slightly longer. After the first day we crossed the bridge into Crick then took the footpath that follows the river to the main entrance to the estate (where buses drop off). This was a nicer walk, though again a little longer as the river winds, but still no more than 40 minutes or so.

We walked to the site in the morning/afternoon, but got a taxi home at end of night (Crickhowell Taxis 01873 811764) which picked us up at main entrance, and was a fiver I think? I just called them when we were done and by the time we walked 10 minutes down to the exit we rarely had to wait long. They also run a couple of vans back and for which worked out something like £2 a head with a couple of drop-offs

Thank you Wakestock. We stayed at the Park Place a couple of years ago, just for one night before Green Man. We loved it there. Sadly, the 2012 mud put us off camping again. We gave last year a miss and this year decided to rent a cottage in Llangattock. The information you have provided is most useful. Jx

I did the walk to and from the Crick last year, and shall be doing the same this year.
It's true that the road does not feel overly safe at night. You have to make close friends with the raspberry bushes in order to stay off the road proper, it's possible though. the trail along the river is nice, but can get a bit muddy if its wet, and in the nighttime would get very dark so you'd need flashlights
The crickhowell based taxis are a great deal if you can get one. If it's right after the final main stage shows end for the night, it may be tricky to grab a cab, as last year there was a queue around then.
Careful if you call an Abergavenny cab company, as they will charge you around 20 pounds to get to crickhowell (because you're calling them to come up from abergavenny).


the one other issue with the canal path is getting onto it at glanusk on sunday

the exit from the GM site closest to access to the tow path is closed on sunday night because of the area roped off for the burning of the green man and the fireworks

and it's quite a round trip to get to it otherwise

so bear that in mind on the last night

One time I walked along that road (one afternoon when I had a holiday pass and fancied a change of route back from Crickhowell) I got about 2 minutes along, and a lovely couple who were just arriving saw me, asked if I was heading to Glanusk and gave me a lift. 

So you could always try hitchhiking along there....

My Husband & I are staying at the Kings arms Hotel on Wednesday night & have decided to get a taxi on Thursday morning.

Has anyone got an idea of journey time to the Festival sight & can recommended a cab reasonable firm?

After reading a previous comment, I wonder if it would be cheaper if we used a cab company in Crickwell??


I presume the King's Arms is in Abergavenny Debsta? There is a regular, and I think free to use bus shuttle service from Abergavenny railway station to the festival site that runs from Thursday morning. It's around a 20 minute journey, maybe half an hour tops. I reckon a taxi would be around the £20 mark?

Hi Wakestock, yes it is in Abergavenny.

Yes we realise we could pop onto the free shuttle bus, however after my lovely but grumpy hubby found out we have to allow up to 90 minutes, he emmediately stated he is getting a cab!! :)

In a previous reply to this post, it was suggested that cabs from Abergavenny are very pricey compared to Crickhowell? Maybe I will call a few & get some price comparisons.

Thanks anyway Wakestock x


The allowing 90 minutes is for the Monday morning when half the festival is queued to get on a bus (that's probably a disclaimer so that nobody blames the festival for missing trains). On Thursday morning there'll be a bus pretty much straight away. The only delay is that they sometimes wait for the next trainload of passengers to come in so they're not driving empty buses.

Guess it depends on what you value more - the 20 minutes you might save getting a taxi, or the £20 you'll save by getting the shuttle bus