18 stages challenge

The last email I got from the organisers mentions that acts are spread across 18 stages.

Without looking anything up, how many can you think of? Assuming that stages that change name/purpose during the day count as more than one (which is cheating a bit), I'm up to 12....

But they're not stages are they? You can't call the Cinema tent a 'stage'. And the Far Out After Dark is still the Far Out stage ... just in the dark.

I can only get 7 stages, including the campsite one, which is cheating because it finishes when the festival proper starts.

I suppose the literature / comedy could be allowed but as one not two.

Saying 18 stages is just stupid. 



Chai Wallahs

Far Out

Walled Garden




Einstein's (x3?)

Hurley Burley? (Family camping food place)

Rough Trade tent


Some meditation tent place that we wandered into last year in the nature/nurture area? 

That's only 14 at a push. What have I missed? 


As you walk down the hill from the Far Out, there was a small stage in the shape of a mouth, I believe. That was playing some techno stuff late at night. I went there but felt too old by about 30 years!!

Ok we're up to 17. One more to go.

Elizabeth is the "pedal power" stage in the kids area the one where they take a group for an hour and teach them different instruments? If you're referring to another one maybe we've hit the magical "18"!?  

Maybe it was just a typo and was actuallly just 8 (eight)?

Mountain, Chai Wallahs, Far Out, Walled Garden, Cinema, Comedy/Literature, Rising, Einstein's.


I think we can all agree that there aren't really 18 stages.