Glass bottles


could someone please please confirm if glass bottles are allowed on the camping site and just not allowed in the festival bit.. Or are they just not allowed?? I Need to sort my "camping drinks caninet" out!!

Not officially allowed,but i never leave anywhere without Brandy,so it's decant into a suitable high quality plastic bottle for me on at arrival at the camping area.



Definately no glass.

Wine boxes for me.

White wine boxes can be's a good trick and will mean long lasting cool wine...which is nice.

does anyone have a top tip to keep beer kegs cool?

Brimstone - I really like the freezing the wine idea. Does that really work and not sour the flavour or somehow seperate out water??

Yep it really does work and have my greenman winebox on standby ready for freezing...

...warm white wine just doesn't really do it for me, so tried freezing the box wine for another festival and it kept cool until we polished it off...which actually probably wasn't that long 2 days? With hindsight I should have probably removed the cardboard 'box' bit first as it obviously became wet and completely ineffective with the thawing process.

But yes freezing box wine is a must for us.

In terms of keeping beer cool a guy at Isle of Wight festival told me how he keeps cans cool by using the same idea of how a fridge works i.e. removal of heat

Half fill a bucket of water, put your beers in. Get a towel and make wet and layout over the top of the bucket. The evaporation apparently takes the heat out of the space in the bucket and keeps your beers cool. Must keep the towel wet through.