Woof! The Day by day line up is here!

hello friends! 

The day by day line up for the Mountain Stage, Far Out, Walled Garden and After Dark is here! I'm pawing through it now to decide what artist I want to mark with my special au de Walter scent. Green Man 14 is looking set to be barkingly brilliant! 


Hi Walter, James Yorkston was down on the version of this poster I saw on Twitter but I can't find him on here. Is he not playing then?

Either way, cheers for the hard work in bringing us this line up - I'm looking forward to planning who I'll aim to see!

Hello. When are the stage times usually announced? So i can get me's a decent clash guide....


Thanks. :)

Check the Clashfinder thread for the best guess you're going to find, based on last year's timings. Bare in mind it won't be 100% accurate mind. You may win some and lose some, but it's probably near as damn it