Tips for newbies

Hi, this is our first time at the festival (Mum and 4 teenagers) and I was hoping for some general advice about how much kit to bring - do people bring camping stoves and cook for themselves or do they just bring enough kit to make a hot drink and buy food on site?
Any other tips would be very welcome.

Hi Marie, you and the teens are in for a great time I'm sure. It all depends on your budget for eating, we generally have a good breakfast at the van, make some food (picnic) we can take in the arena for lunch and then have food at one of the stalls for the evening as there is plenty of choice and it's pretty good value. Once we leave after breakfast we generally don't get back until about 1am for fear of missing something as there is so much to do and see for adults, teens and little ones. As far as hot drinks go, I have about 3 cuppas first thing and then it's on to the cold alcoholic variety ha ha.. Anything else just ask there are plenty of helpful people on here.

Last year was my first time at. Green Man, with my kids (then aged 9 and 11) and we had a truly wonderful weekend - back again this year and probably next few years too.

We had breakfast in the tent, normally porridge or cereal (one of the site shops sells fresh milk), then mooched about the endless non-music delights on the site in the morning. For lunch we normally went back to the tent for a 'hot water based meal' - Pot Noodles basically!

A little gas burner did us just fine, providing hot drinks and meals as needed. Will probably pack a bit less this year.

After that we stayed out the rest of the day setting up our camp chairs wherever took our fancy. Ate out in the evenings, plenty of choice and most meals in the £6-£10 price range, plus plenty of snacking opportunities for flagging children.

The walled garden stage is beautiful and the tiers on the main stage meant the kids always had a good view. My daughter loves her music so she was fine, thought my son might get a bit bored - but he loved it and couldn't wait to come back again this year. Everyone was really friendly and we all felt comfortable being around the site all day and evening.

As with most festivals - pack wet weather gear, blazing sunshine gear and everything in between. It's a lovely site and you can normally see the 'weather' rolling in down the valley, so plenty of time to wrap up or hide!

I suppose it could get expensive with 4 teenagers ...

Last year my daughter and I had breakfast at the tent (brought a little camping stove) then just bought food on site ... But we are both petite people and mostly shared a portion.

My daughter was 12 last year and wanted to go off and do her own thing with another young teenager she met at the festival. We kept in touch via mobile phone and it was handy to have a small battery charger pack for overnight recharging.

My daughter is really into music so she didn't really try out many of the teenagers' facilities but there is plenty to do even for the non-musically inclined.

The food at GM is great and reasonably priced however, as others have said, the cost of feeding all five of you exclusively from the site outlets could be a bit scary.

We too try to have a good breakfast in the campsite before heading out, and bring snacks to top-up on during the day. The prepacked Spanish omlettes keep well and if you heat them up and wrap them in a few layers of foil they keep warm for ages. If you're partial to pot noodle, you can take one with a flask of hot water, or bring hot dogs in a flask of water and some bread rolls.

If you are doing any cooking bring a really good quality non-stick pot/pan that will wipe clean easily.

I'm sure you'll all have a fantastic time whatever you decide to do.