Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

you should definitely go to both, wakestock!

she was fantastic earlier in the year in london

the band are excellent - but maybe the in-store will be solo

so you'll get both versions!

Yeah, it's a half-hour unplugged set at the in-store. It's a question of whether I can get to Bristol in time, and persuade Mrs Wakestock to forego getting something to eat before the gig! Failing that, I'd wager she'll be playing a similar set in the Rough Trade tent at Green Man, but I suspect that will be considerably more crowded

no doubt

i'm off to see sharon van etten at a rough trade in-store this evening

before seeing her full show tomorrow night

mrs rad thinks i'm mad

Well worth the effort. I saw Sharon Van Etten in similar circumstances a couple of years back at Primavera Sound. The only way it could have been more intimate is if she'd call round my house, but I doubt she'd be keen on that! That was truly spine tingling stuff. Heather Woods Broderick is no slouch either. I take it she's still in SVE's band?

she is

as is, it turns out, brad cook of megafaun!

cracking show tonight

if a bit short

I don't have anything to fill my void until GM!! I feel dirty that I can no longer contribute, I hope I am still liked. I will now have to contribute to the popular Mac De Marco thread and pretend I like him, at least Mac I mean Benny will like me.

Oh yes Elizabeth that was the lake delores listening party for Tomorrow's Harvest after a 7 year wait, I did listen to it via a live stream albeit in Wales unfortunately. The album is so complex there is still loads that I have yet to discover, if you are a boc fan these are very interesting from another boc geek, it makes you realise how complex and layered each boc track is.. I won't go on anymore but it's safe to say I would sell my left gonad to see BoC. And Mr Ray if you love MBV you can't go wrong with tracks like 747.

Where do you live Carnie? The Outer Hebrides?

Don't worry, we'll still like you.

I've found pretending to like Mac Demarco is the best strategy - actually he's OK.

Carnie, I DO like you already. I am a predictable beast. I get to go to one festival a year (rotating Latitude, EOTR and GM, essentially) and in the months before, will spend inordinate amounts of time on the respective forum for that year's festival, eschewing the other two until I'm due to go there again! Not unsociable, just a question of limited time and OCD. So, I've got to 'know' quite a few people in those three groups online, but never really overcome a bit of social awkwardness in terms of meeting up for the various forum get togethers that occur. This year, I am telling myself that I WILL try to find some of you guys if there's a meet up. Because it's crackers for me not to get the chance to talk to like minded people who are equally boring about their music obsessions...

So, what tends to be the model for the GM forum meet-up. Thursday, obviously, but where/when does it tend to be?

I was listening to my GM playlist (essentially all the albums of the 30 or so GM2014 bands that I REALLY want to see...) on shuffle whilst mowing the lawn earlier and the random selection gave me a sudden terrifying fear, as I envisaged waking up a few days before GM2014 to find that First Aid Kit and Mac are a minute-for-minute clash. I think you'd hear my cries of despair from here...(well you would anyway, Kras as you're only up the A38...).

And you can play it all coy regarding Mr DeMarco, Kras but you know full well that you've been hooked in à la Nick-O-Tine. Out of interest, did we decide that you like Michael A Grammar? Just listening to the Random Vision EP as I type. They might be in my top 5 must sees, as it stands.


Michael A Grammar doing nowt for me I'm afraid.

Anyone else enjoying Frank Fairfield - more of this kind of stuff for me please and less noisy-ness!

Michael Grammar doing nowt for me unfortunately, I like Frank Fairfield though I think that his performance is going to be highly enjoyable, I hope he is in the walled garden.

Is it just me that thinks it's fascinating how two people can both ADORE a certain band/sound, and then have diametrically opposed opinions about another?! The brain is a fickle beast.


Yep love that Krasnyi, he has lovely natural feel for the guitar and banjo. He is on my tiddly list, so I hope he's not on to early in the day, have to pace myself these days.

Michael A Grammer are fabulous ...

... Frank Fairfield is just one notch above Mac on my avoid list. Plug that into the Venn diagram!

You really have to come to the meet ben ... it's really low-key and casual and gives a chance to put names to faces that you'll bump into again over the weekend and can swap stories about how disappointing MdM actually was.

It's generally 6ish on the Thursday outside the End Up Bar / Far Out Tent. It's getting a bit more difficult now that Green Man is giving us so many delicacies to savour on the Thursday, but if it's too early the amateur campers can't get there as they're still wrestling with their tents etc.

There'll be a separate thread nearer the time to discuss and agree arrangements.

I was just about to come on here and ask you about that. I'm going to the Bristol show on Tuesday, and hopefully the unplugged in-store earlier that evening too. Already near the top of my list. How long was her set by the way? I'm debating whether to stay overnight, or run the risk of having to miss the end to catch the last train home. Quite a dilemma

In my extensive research I seem to have failed to listen to Angel Olsen, listening to her on Spotify at the moment, rather lovely, now on my ever longer must see list.

i was tipped off about Frank Fairfield the minute a colleague looked over the line-up. he's meant to be brilliant and in my 'don't miss at any cost' list. in fact only joined at this point i think by SvE, AO, The War on Drugs and Michael Chapman. oh, and Mac DeMarco obviously.

Lunar Festival Report

Excellent weekend - this could become a must-go festival for more than just us lucky souls who only live 20 minutes away. Well organised with only a few glitches to do with toilet provision and catering but it's really the first time for the festival in its bigger guise. Musical highlights - British Sea Power (obviously), Temples (how have they not played Green Man?!), Laura J. Martin, Goodnight Lenin, Misty's Big Adventure. Got their too late for TOY but heard they were ace.

Missed some other good stuff due to doing stuff with kids and having to leave early on Sunday evening including Pram, Magic Band, Arthur Brown, Polyphonic Spree, Money etc.

Also missed out on a trip into the woods to listen to Pink Moon on Nick Drake's parents' old 60s record player at midnight on Saturday - the festival is close to Tanworth-in-Arden where Nick grew up.

The site is beautiful, surrounded by woodland and next to Umberslade Farm Park which as open for the kids to see the animals and play in the adventure playground. We had goats and alpacas in the adjacent field to the family camping area.

Huge thunderstorm and deluge on Saturday morning gave the site a good Green Man feel for the rest of the weekend. Nothing compared to GM 07, 08, 12.

Donovan report - rather tiresome chat but he did do all the hits and not too much of the cod-Jamaican stuff. Came back at the end of the Temples set to do Sunshine Superman which was sweet.

Unexpected delight - catching Chicken Bone John from the Smethwick Delta who builds and sells cigar box guitars, doing a set in the cafe and then trying to teach me and daughter how to play the things - we managed a twelve bar blues. Want one for my birthday.

Watch out for the Lunar Festival next year.

Bugger. How come they were off my radar? Brilliant live band and the quality of their songs means they don't just end up being a retro psych act.

seeing them (temples) next month - in the tiny garage in islington

excited about that one

mostly quite sad today, though - about rik mayall

bloody hell...

From a facebook posting of a friend:

has great affection for Donovan's music, but someone should tell him that if you're a 68 year old white guy from Scotland, the way to express your respect for Jamaican culture is not by putting on a comedy West Indian accent. Yeah mon.

So I got to see Angel Olsen play White Fire twice this evening. Not bad as Tuesday evenings go. I'll be at the front of the queue for her set in the Rough Trade tent (a cert surely?) as well as her main set without a doubt. Could've heard a pin drop tonight. Sublime. Nice venue The Lantern too

Yes, absolutely Krasnyi. There's one song in particular (title of which escapes me) that really that really puts me in mind of Roy. There's an obvious bit of Loretta Lynn in the more overtly country tinged songs, and White Fire is pure vintage Laughing Len. Her voice is just incredible - even more so live than on record. I love the little crack and sob that she lets in. Her ability to hush an audience into jaw-dropping silence and the spine-tingling sensation when she's performing solo reminds me of the time I saw Jeff Buckley many moons ago. Yeah, she's quite good

Yeah, I'm still not completely sold on her album, I thought she was much better live and the band were really tight too.

if you like woods, check out new bums

seeing these guys tonight

ben chasny of 6 organs plus donovan quinn from the mighty skygreen leopards

who played a GM highlight set years ago - in the old folky dokey

not realising the length of their slot, they ran out of songs and played some twice

and still it's up there in my top 5 GM sets

Looking at the Isle of Wight festival this weekend I just cannot believe how bad the line up actually is,i think I would rather watch treelight playing just Wuthering Heights for a full gig.

I wouldn't go that far bpw, but it certainly is a miserable line-up.

Loving New Bums rayrad - nothing legal has ever made me feel so mellow.