Watch our gorgeous Super 8 film

Hello friends! 

Have we got a treat for you this evening in the shape of our lovely Super 8 film shot at last year's festival. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.  


That's great, I think Walter may have been watching one too many BoC vids, don't think the music choice suits a super 8 type film though.

Very nice.

The music is a bit Bavarian beer festival alright ... I'd have gone for some Michael Kiwanuka myself.

The first video I ever saw of Green Man and what attracted me in the first place was from 2006 and the track was 6,7,8 by King Creosote. First time I'd heard Kenny too. Hooked on both since.

kenny was supposed to play a series of roof top shows in edinburgh over the weekend

but the council pulled the plug just before show time

can we PLEASE have him back at GM this year?