Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

Couple of good tours announced for early next year---John Murry and Deep dark woods supported by Trembling bells.


Julia Holter next Saturday. Euros Childs later this month, and hopefully Sweet Baboo again next month. All I've got earmarked for 2014 so far is Care le Bon in February

Phosphorescent in Liverpool last night were outstanding...a fantastic solo version of Wolves sealed the deal.

Caveman in support...excellent, definately worth a slot at GM.

house of love this week

the staves were damn good last week - lots of new songs

and christof, supporting them again, definitely deserves a GM stage - full band arrangements see him on a weird fionn regan / fleet foxes hybrid tip - grand stuff


It was fab indeed Carnie. The Thekla stage wasn't really designed for seven musicians and their instruments but they coped admirably, well almost - they could do with a bit of electrical training :)

I caught most of Caveman too and liked them - would certainly be good to see them again at GM.

Looking forward to Wave Pictures on Wednesday now.

O lucky man. On their latest album, City Forgiveness, Wave Pictures have gone all power trio - puts me in mind of Rory Gallagher at times, no bad thing.

Public Service Broadcasting for me tonight followed by Dutch Uncles on Friday.

Cate le Bon's new one sounds great, she missed GM last year so must be back in 2014.

bizarrely, the phosphorescent show in london is struggling to sell

is the 2500 capacity shepherds bush empire too big a venue for them?

tickets left downstairs and in the level 1 balcony - which means that levels 2 and 3 are empty at the moment

no accounting for taste, i suppose

but maybe a third london show for the year is stretching the punters' pockets too far

Well a comparison to Rory Gallagher is setting the bar about as high as is possible in my opinion Krasnyi

... and it this case it's an entirely appropriate reference, both in terms of Mr Tattersall's axemanship, and the fact that both are criminally underappreciated.

It was an absolute belter of a gig last night ... highlight of my year outside GM. 

Yes, no accounting for taste ray_rad. It beggars belief that bands like Artic Monkeys and the Manics can fill stadiums while Wave Pictures and Phosphorescent struggle to get an audience. As Dave Tattersall said in a previous interview "There's just so much shit that's successful."

In what's a hedonistic month by my standards it's on to Half Moon Run at Shepherd's Bush next Monday. At least that is sold out.


Tame impala uk tour tickets go on sale on Friday----even though a little disappointed by the second album I will be getting tickets for the Albert Hall Manchester.

almost certainly

and they're in the UK in july

so hanging around until august is possible

i'm like you, though, BPH, second record's not much cop

all went a bit animal collective

In the Birmingham area? Cracking gig at the Prince of Wales on 17th April - Goodnight Lenin and Trembling Bells. Both of whom would make welcome additions to the GM line-up. Tomorrow it's Simone Felice at the Hare & Hounds.

Bugger, I'd probably have popped up for the Trembling Bells one if I wasn't away on holiday.

I should probably post my family holiday dates on here in future as it's practically guaranteed that there'll be some cracking gigs to coincide. We're away again in mid-May when Paul Brady is playing in Cardiff :-(

John Grant with Uk chamber orchestra Royal Northern Sinfonia In November will be pretty special. Still hold out a bit of hope, that he plays Wales in August.

The brilliant Sarah Jarosz will be playing in the "3rd level lounge" at St. David's Hall, Cardiff on 29th July. Anyone who likes The Punch Brothers, Old Crow Medicine Show, Felice Brothers, New Grass, Progressive Bluegrass or whatever you want to call it should give it a try - top quality guitar, banjo, mandolin - probably be part of her 3 piece band.

I got JG tickets for the Town Hall in Birmingham - YAY! Will you be joining me, Krasnyi?

I REALLY don't like sitting down at gigs, but obviously it will be appropriate for this one.


Off to see the Lumerians tonight in Manchester and have 2 festivals booked for next month--Off the tracks in Castle Donington and Fire in the mountains in West Wales.Also booked Dandy Warhols tickets and no abuse but also booked Pet Shop Boys tickets for the Empress in Blackpool.

I hadn't noticed that one beatkeeper - looks like a great venue to see him in.

It is stretching the definition of 'outskirts' a bit far though - good luck with the transport arrangements.

Tickets for Green Man and John Grant arrived in the post today - that's better than the usual junk and bills!

Going to be in Cornwall when Gruff plays Cardiff, but got tickets to see the film and Q&A with Gruff at Chapter. One for the cinema tent surely? Also now got tickets for Swans, Jon Spencer, Angel Olsen, Tune-yards and John Grant in Bristol over coming months

Was looking forward to the festival in west wales but it seems everyone has a grudge against someone and the countryside is filled with murder.

BPH you are right, but remember that it's just the bit from Lampeter to Aberyswyth to Borth and Devil's Bridge. They are deep up there and crazy. It's the relentless wind you know. And the fact that it is a sodding boring bog-ridden dump.
It is closed on Sunday.
The rest of Wales is like fairyland in comparison.
Always remember the guy in Hinterland is from Merthyr*. And he struggles with them.
Very nice chap he is too.

*This is true. And he's related to Illltyd, the Labour politician.

Right, that's the Cardiganshire folk offended.
Lets start on the Radnor Boys and Girls.
If you can tell the difference.

Merthyr Rising looks ace Cyfarthfa, and amazingly we haven't got anything else on so see you there.

(P.S. - I came across your message on the "other place" and have replied)

Coming up this month in Brum - Bo Ningen, We Were Evergreen, Teleman, Smoke Fairies (Hare & Hounds) and the lovely Tiny Ruins and White Denim (Glee Club)

devon sproule tonight

bizarrely in the 'staff restaurant' at the british library

can we please have her back at GM soon?

also saw arc iris earlier this week

which is jocie adams from the low anthem and a bunch of like minded musical geniuses

amazing show

they'd be a smash at GM, i'd think