Travelling by train

After an horrific journey to the festival by car in 2012 we have had to face the fact that neither us nor the car are up to it again. Can anyone give me information about travelling by train and the ease and cost of transferring by shuttle bus or taxi?

We can get a lift to Chester and I think it would be one train from there. I was just wondering if we would have trouble getting on the shuttle bus and if so how much would a taxi transfer be.

Yes, it's an easy direct journey down from Chester to Abergavanny. The shuttle buses run regularly so you shouldn't have any trouble getting one.

I understand that the trains can get fairly packed returning on the Monday so you might want to reserve seats on a particular one, or get away before or after the main crowds.

If you do come by train book your ticket as far in advance as possible to get the best price.

Did Train from London for the first time last year and I found it incredibly easy and relaxing..booked train seat to as far as train would take me in wales, then had to board a (only 3 coach) very packed but do able train for short journey to the nearest green man train station (I forget which one). Thereon it was so easy and relaxed , (no competittive barging) to board a coach for short journey right to the entrance of Green Man.

Leaving Monday morning around lunch time was also easy with lost of buses and not too many people going back to London at the station, so easy, got seats too..altogether I fully recommend it !

Yeah, fleetwoodblack said it all really. I'd never really think about going any other way. The shuttle bus in is a particular lot of fun, the GM atmosphere starts there, for me.

If you're travelling light and need supplies you can always take a walk or taxi into Crickhowell on the Friday morning.

Just allow plenty of time and be patient on the Monday- leave either early (before 9) or late(after 11) to avoid an hour wait for a shuttle bus. Last year I even got a train with spare seats, but I think I was lucky with timings.