BBC Radio 6 GM Voted Best Festival

Brilliant news, thoroughly deserved, well done all and long may it continue.

Walter your doing a fine job, make sure your getting paid plenty of treats and walkies.

A sense of pride of having been there this year I suppose. Genuinely sorry for those forum members who couldn't make it this year for various reasons, out of their control. In the distant past I was at the two biggest festivals this country has ever staged, one of six hundred thousand at the Isle of Wight in 1970 and a third of that number at Bath the same year - BUT Green Man has turned out to be my "special" festival. Or should I say OUR special festival, we almost want to keep it a secret, but the word is spreading that if you go to Green Man you get to experience a uniqueness, a feeling of being there! Well it looks as if the wider audience is catching on to something we've know for years, that Green Man has the music, the literature, the comedy, the science and the people to put it all together. And after watching Band of Horses play an astonishing set on the main stage, the best bacon baps from the Cwmdu Community Tent to walk back to my tent with - who could ask for more? Genuinely, already excited at what Fiona, Ben and the crew are probably, already conjuring up for next year - now what did happen when Benedict Cumberbatch had Caitlin Moran for tea? - you had to be there!!!

Excellent, well deserved! It was definately the best GM I've ever been to and therefore the best ever festival I've can keep your Glastonbury!

Not that I'd even think about questioning the decision but the festival season isn't over yet, is it?

And where is this publicised? 

I love GM and I love BBC 6 Music ... I would like to think that in the future they might have more in common than disappointing websites.

Sorry ... had to say it!


I happened to be listening to 6 Music when this was announced - they made it very clear that it was a totally informal decision, roughly based on the number of emails they'd received. So I don't think "vote" is really the right term. It was during Steve Lamacq's Friday afternoon show. Anyway, well done Green Man!



Informal or not, 't'was the right decision.

Anyone else notice the number of acts heaping praise on the festival from the stage this year?

I heard Matt Berry telling us "it's the Only festival; all the rest are BS", Kings of Convenience commending the audience for choosing this festival rather than any other then reminding us how beautiful the site is compared with other festivals, similarly Laura J Martin, Jacco Gardner and Caitlin Moran all had very warm words about GM, and an American band I wasn't watching (jus' passing by) seemed genuinely touched by their experience of the festival. They singled out the beautiful site (again), the lovely people, family-friendly vibe and lack of 'trash/garbage' on the ground. All true of course.

I've been coming to GM since 2006 and 2013 was one of the best times I've ever had at the festival, 2nd only to 2009. Well done all concerned.

My only complaint is that there was no psychedelic or 60s disco to be found anywhere. Maybe next time eh? We don't all like thud-thuddery, but we do all like to dance (don't we?) For more on this see the "all night disco..." thread.


Add Band of Horses, Roy Harper and Local Natives to the list of acts who praised the uniqueness of the festival from the stage this year.