Tell me what I missed,the highs and the lows

Well? How was it?

john cale gave a master class in funky discord, my highlight by far.

The low for me was the terrible set by The Pastels. They were always awful, but this was worse than ever. Tuneless and charmless. The highlights were Patti Smith and Jacco Gardner. I felot that too many of the acts on the Mountain Stage were twee, insipid and lacked dynamics/stagecraft.

Crap. Really crap Fergal. No Doves. No Donovan. No Tuborg Gold or Strongbow. 

No floods.

I never made it to the all night disco.

Ray-rad exists.

I saw him.

But pretended I didn't.

You'd have hated it.

My apologies Ray-rad. That was very tactless of me.

When I saw you you were enjoying the music and I did not want to intrude.

only kidding

though it woud have been nice to meet you!

who was i / were we watching?

(actual question: how drunk did i look?)

i did get to meet blackpumpkinhead, peridot and wakestock over the weekend

and very nice indeed they all were too

It was sort of okay Fergal but we just couldn't enjoy it properly without you so get your arse into gear for next year.

... and don't read the "To Fiona & Ben ..." thread.




Putting faces to the names of some of the lovely people on this forum. 

The music (of course!): Phosphorescent, The Slow Show, Midlake, Cowbois, Huw M, Olof Arnalds, Band of Horses, new discoveries etc

The Food

The atmosphere


Hard pushed to find any!  Missing Lau, Arbouretum, Allah-las, The Pastels and half of Woods' set although the alternatives hopefully compensated. Not finding any time for Talking shop, Cinema or Last Laugh. 

If you want to feel better about missing GM Fergal, try to find any footage of The Pastel's set on Youtube (although I'm not sure who would have wanted to record it) - the geezer singing didn't have a tune in his head....

.... but as Peridot warns, don't read the "To Fiona and Ben" thread.

Oh yes, I saw ray rad too.


you're dead shy, you lot, aren't you?

(you're right about the pastels though.  how can stephen pastel have been doing it that long and still be SO spectacularly tuneless?)

My low is certainly arriving home,ears still ringing from the Swans to find i cannot park on my road,the council have decided to replace all the pavements and roads and with working nights it is going to be a sleepless week.Meeting Peridot and Lennie has become like meeting old friends and it was good to meet so many others even Ray Rad who turned out to be a really nice guy.I will  post my review when i finally get some sleep and can think straight,my brain is playing funny tricks,i even imagined Peridot asking for Dizzie Rascal.

It's Dizzee, not Dizzie ... don't you know nuffin. Or Mr Rascal to Jeremy Paxman, and Dylan to his Mum. So Dylan for Green Man '14 please.

I'm clearly not down with the kids like you Peridot though i have seen Dizzy when he supported The Prodigy and it was a very entertaining performance but for GM he would be a game changer.

I foolishly missed Phosphorescent but just to make everyone aware they are touring the uk in November.

You were standing just behind me during the Matthew Houck set in the Rough Trade tent ray, it would have been rude to talk during such an intimate performance and to be honest I was a little overcome afterwards, his "Wolves" was the moment of GM2013 for me.


yes - dealing with the enigma that is tom jackson!

boy, he was drunk...

that was him!

during phos's main stage set, he was the guy who shouted out for matthew to facebook friend him

i recognised him in the RT tent and struck up a conversation

at which point, he produced a half empty bottle of whisky

and had a good crack at making it very quickly completely empty

he was excellent value though

and we bumped into him several more times over the weekend

one of the happiest people you'll ever meet

I was just quoting black pumpkinhead Krasyni, I have never met him, just a bit strange as he is a very likeable rogue on here.

I've gone on holiday ... which is much better than being at work, but doesn't really ease the pain of missing Green Man.


It was great to meet you all and put faces to names (didn't quite meet all of you, but you know what i mean). Cheers for the drink Lennie - I owe you one.

Highs were Steve Mason, Money, BSP, the weather, the staff, the food and all the lovely people.

Lows were the Pastels & Sam Amidon (maybe it's me) and also the fact that I can't be in two places at once.

See you next year Fergal (and everyone else I didn't manage to meet this year)