To Fiona & Ben - and everyone else

Just wanted to say a huge thanks and well done! The best Green Man I've been to. Each one is special I know, but I thought you got so much right this year. The curating of the artists this year was outstanding. I know you have to listen to everyone going on about who they think should and shouldn't be on the bill! My philosophy has always been let's trust the people who know what they're doing - I always have and have never been disappointed.

The weather was great, bit of rain here and there but nothing really (thankfully most of the heavy stuff fell when I was back in my tent asleep.) The ground improvements on the site, especially the mesh matting and the steps coped with it brilliantly. The change of camp layout worked really well, we were down by the Hurly Burly Cafe & Theatre, it was great down there, very friendly (as always), toilets were always clean and there were plenty of them.

I'll try not to ramble, but - In the Walled Garden my highlights were: Annie Dressner, Keston Cobblers, Fossil Collective, Allah-Las (brilliant), Mo Kenney, Public Service/Broadcasting.

Chai Wallah's: Heymoonshaker were brilliant, a bigger venue beckons for them, maybe the Walled Garden?

Far Out Tent: Patti Smith (you had to be there!), Steve Mason, Flaming Gods, Woods.

Mountain Stage: Sam Amidon (though he looked a bit lost!), Edwyn Collins, Midlake, K of C, Roy Harper, Low, Band of Horses, Johnny Flynn,, Stornoway.

Particular highlights of the weekend for me were - Patti Smith, I'd never seen her before and thought she was amazing, quite something to see. You can't help but come out of the gig and think about things a bit differently. Man's An Idiot in the Walled Garden, particular the song "You've put a Spanner in My Works", I went to see Woods in the Far Out Tent after forum recommendation for Mr. Ray and they were pretty sensational, took a little while to get going but once they did you just didn't want them to stop, the last number they did (didn't think it had any words?) was probably the best piece of music I heard all weekend. Well apart from every song Band of Horses did. They were by a long way my favourites of the weekend and what's more they were loving being at Green Man. Absolutely brilliant band, one of the best I've ever seen if I'm honest. And, the Caitlin Moran talk in a rammed Talking Shop was one I was glad I saw, especially the surprise at the end with the lady in the Russian hat - again, you had to be there.

A little anecdote: I was sat on the hill having something to eat, a young girl came and sat next to me, she was from Kendal and was working at the Festival facepainting. We started chatting, as you do at Green Man. I imagine there was probably 35 years age difference between us, we were both sat there, hoods up in the pouring rain extolling the virtues of Roy Harper, it was just a moment, a meeting of musical minds, nice to know that lyrics and thoughtful songs are still listened to by the younger generation.

I could go on, more things will come to mind but I haven't had much sleep just wanted to say thanks, again! In short amazing, we're lucky to have you!

Best GM ever Fiona....camping was less crowded, staff and stewards friendly and helpful, you even managed to have a word with the sun!

I thought that the new site layout worked very well for us (family campers with young kids) and it was great to meet all you forum posters again...a good 'beard' turnout thanks to Stitch.

Musically, my highlights were the extaordinary performances by Patti Smith (I agree Chrissie - what a privilege), Phosphorescent, Edwyn Collins and Steve Mason....I had my GM 2013 moment in the Rough Trade tent when Matthew Houck played a solo version of 'Wolves'...incredible!

Thanks Fiona and Ben, we will be back next year x x

Can I second that?

Our seventh and best Green Man. The work that had gone into improving the site really paid dividends, there just seemed to be more space and, of course, the weather always helps.

I'm sure I'll post in more detail later but just one very minor quibble about the stages used. Public Service Broadcasting surely had to be in the Far Out tent, their set is based on the films which were tricky to see in broad daylight. On the other hand is there a more outdoors band than Woods? They should have been on the Mountain Stage, their wafting harmonies and California stylings swirling around the arena. Also the mighty BSP (as my daughter correctly ponted out at the time - 'dad this is epic' - epic indeed) should always be on the main stage for maximum effect.

But to Fiona and the team - job very well done, many thanks for an utterly memorable weekend for both me and my little girl who is already having difficulties adapting to the 'outside world'. See you all again in 2014!

Thanks also to all the people who asked after my health - feeling so much better now, largely in part to the healing powers of the wise, beneficious, mighty Green Man

Only problem was no signs telling coaches where to go on arrival in Crickhowell - same problem last year so I hope this can be remedied in 2014

It was soooooo good.  Agree with everyone here - the best one we have been to (this was no.4).  Much as I agree with PSB being better in the Far Out and BSP on the Mountain Stage, it would have been a lot further to run once PSB finished!  We managed to get from the front of PSB to a good position at BSP very quickly and only missed a few songs.  I was dreading that clash.  Bit gutted that we had to miss Local Natives but the wonderfulness of British Sea Power and Public Service Broadcasting more than made up for it.

Oh yes, and Teleman - superb!!


Third and best for us. Patti wonderful as ever, my fifth time seeing her and she surprises every time. Really enjoyed Money, surely destined for big things. Matt Berry in Rough Trade was fun. Phosphorescent was terrific, Julian Cope mad as a bag of weasels as always, looking forward to his book, Parquet Courts excellent, Beak also good. Caught half of Midlake, much better than previously. Then to Fuck Buttons, wonderful, symphonic electronica. Saturday started in Talking Shop, James Endeacott amusing, John Cale chat got better as he warmed up. Then onto Cinema where Inlet were great also enjoyed Totem Terrors and some great odd videos. Lord Huron on Main very good, Arbouretum ok, bit dissapointing for me. Archie Bronson wonderful as ever. Enjoyed John Cale's set, caught a bit of Low beforehand wished I'd seen all of it. Horrors so so, then to Walled Garden to see Allah Las, lovely sound, really enjoyed it but most songs sound very similar. Talking Shop again to start on Sunday, really interesting talk about LSD by Andy Roberts, educational and amusing. Mikal Cronin very good, PSB great fun but agree they should have been in Far Out. Half Moon Run got better as they went on for me. Missed BSP unfortunately then onto Swans, extraordinary, brutal, incredibly loud and rather wonderful.  Camping excellent, those mini urinals were a great addition. Beers excellent. A great weekend, bring on next year.

Green Man #6 for me and first with a campervan there. I had an immense weekend, my music highlight beyond a doubt was Band of Horses, I also decided to experience some GM comedy for the first time, and fair play there were some crackers, 17 yr old Luke Smith with his groucho marks inpired routine and Brian Gittins both had me in tears of laughter. The mesh matting kept the ground togther and despite the rain there was no mud! whilst the steps were a good addition a bit of matting up the banking to aid those with pushchairs could have been an added benefit, plus i'd like to have seen more market stalls - get a proper market area on the go, bearded theory is a similar sized festival with a great market area, GM does let itself down on this, there's plenty of space on site for them and would generate additional income for the festival - glad to see my fav Glasto eatery the Hippy Chippy there this year. My only bugbear was about the the campervan field, could have done with more staff there on arrival - despite having turned off the A40 and in the queue at 10:15am on Thursday I didnt park van up till gone 11am, plus could have done with some sort of food outlet in the field as well. All in all the whole weekend was immense roll on 2014 where i would love to see Marillion on the Thursday night there!!

Third for me and excellent.  As said above the matting, slight rearrangement of the site, the new steps, having the screens back on the Mountain's stage, the low key security and the urinals all made things so much more enjoyable.  Talking of urinals is there any chance of trialling female urinals next year?  

My highlights were Patti Smith (of course) Bears Den in the Walled Garden, Josh Widdicombe's set (I was crying with laughter), Trwbador, Stornoway, Midlake and Gypsy Hill in Chai Wallah.  

Only two real negatives - we had our camping stool nicked on the first evening but a neighbour lent us one for the whole festival (true Green Man spirit) and the amount of loud chat that goes on while bands are playing especially on the terraces of the Mountain's stage.


Before I give my account of the music at this year's festival, I want to say a quick note of thanks to the staff at the Box Office who helped me out immeasurably when I was faced with a tough situation on Thursday night. They are worth their weight in gold.

As much as I'd like to say I can brave it in the rain and the mud, some nice weather helps the mood and this year was the best for that since my first ('09) and probably the best Green Man experience I've had since then. Everything about the site just went to prove how much the organisers had genuinely taken advice on board from previous years and wanted to make sure the festival could realistically expand without losing the atmosphere that I've come to love.

Highlights: Song for Zula by Phosphorescent is the best song I've heard this year. Edwyn Collins' band were excellent, and the man himself was great. Julian Cope in the Literature tent. A really interesting talk about pop music and the occult also in the literature tent. Midlake were pretty great. I'm sure Kings of Convenience won a lot of new admirers on Friday night with a set that was funny, charming and beautiful.

Saturday: I was won over by Lord Huron despite it not being particularly my thing. Steve Mason played Dry the Rain and my mate nearly cried, but his whole set was very solid and his banter with a kid at the front of the crowd was great. Despite not being to everyone's taste on the forums, Band of Horses proved they were a very good pick for the Saturday headliner as the stage really needed a muscular, soaring ending alongside two quieter acts. I think it is to the great credit of the organisers that the headliners that have been greeted with the least fanfare (at least from my perspective) have been the best overall that I have seen at the festival (I've been in 09, 10, 11, 13).

The highlight of Saturday for me was Jon Hopkins. That guy is brilliant and his style of music fits the Far Out After Dark thing perfectly. Never danced so much.

Sunday: Another glorious day weather wise. Spent quite a long time buying up souvenirs with my girlfriend (there was some lovely stuff this year, I'm not usually a shopper but it was veeeery easy to burn through those £20 notes). Musical highlight during the day was the Rough Trade appearance of Stornoway. Having seen them first at Green Man in 09 then watching them perform at larger venues, it's really lovely to see such a down to earth and talented group of guys doing so well. That being said, if you enjoyed their Mountain Stage set, it's worth seeing them in a more intimate venue too.

British Sea Power were clearly a very strong live act. I'm not that interested in their music to be honest but it is really refreshing to see a band not just staring down at their instruments and looking moody for an hour.

I was astonished that so few people were wearing earplugs for Swans. Some people who I'd seen struggle their way to the front lasted up until Michael Gira brought the noise down upon us and then ran out. I don't think some people knew what had hit them, but it was truly a brilliant, brusing way to end the weekend. The only thing really impending my enjoyment was the fact that my legs by this point were really starting to hurt from all the walking (yes, yes, I'm unfit).

Thought the fireworks and the burning of the Green Man was the best I've seen. From where I was the crowd were very well behaved too.

Some additional points: Although plenty of people had had a bit to drink I didn't witness any trouble all weekend. I think it's just the vibe the place gives you- it's impossible to be angry there.

May have been just me, but the average age of the punter seems to have gone down. Actually I think it's just me. I'm half way to 50, was only a 21 year old whippersnapper at my first GM :(

The most important stuff: Pieminister gets all the glory but Barnaby Sykes is pretty good. Kedgeree is my new breakfast of choice and may even replace my granola. Mac and Cheese van- please come back next year. Yum yum yum.

10/10 five stars Gold Award



Can't add much to what others have said. Our seventh and certainly the best. The weather helped of course but even if we'd had a repeat of last year I think the conclusion would be the same.

I liked the new live-in area although some of the hillier bits may have caused problems for later arrivals. It looks like it will cope much better when we have the next wet year.

It was great to meet some old friends and make some new ones at the meet on Thursday evening and bump into them over the course of the weekend.

Personal highlights were Jon Langford and Patti Smith on Thursday night - legends both. Phosphorescent, Parquet Courts and Edwin Collins were the most memorable of Friday's acts. Saturday was just incredible from start to finish and I could write pages about it. Seeing the spirit of Green Man infuse Roy Harper was a reminder of the magic it holds, and having my personal headliners Steve Mason and Villagers back to back to close the day was just incredible. I had high expectations of both and still got more that I could ever have imagined.

Sunday had a lovely mellow start with Mo Kenney and the wonderful Nuala Honan who did a great set on the Solar Stage on Friday and then had full band accompaniment at Chai Wallas on Sunday. Woods were terrific in the far out tent and the absence of mud was particularly welcome in the evening for the mad dash between stages to get to as many of the clashing giants as possible. Personally I think the Far Out tent is the perfect place for BSP's epic performances. I just wish I'd been a bit nearer the front so I could have snapped that plonker's flag pole in half :)

Counting down the days to GM '14.


What a wonderful weekend. My third time at Greenman, but the first time we've taken our two children along. So much to keep them entertained, from all the activities in the Little Folk area, to the wildlife talks in Einstein's Garden and the family films in the cinema on the Saturday and Sunday morning.

Delighted with the weather, especially as we had the kids with us, I don't think we could have expected more perfect conditions. That extra matting would have been invaluable for those of us with pushchairs had it rained heavily, so  please keep that for next year.

Thursday set the bar so high. Money were amazing and are surely destined to be an important band for many people, while Patti Smith was truly wonderful, her performance and the atmosphere is something I will never forget. Loved Band Of Horses as a headliner on Saturday. Public Service Broadcasting were great fun, but probably should have been on a bigger stage - the films are an integral part of their performance and it was difficult for many people to see those because it was so busy.

Agree with the comment above about Stornaway - their Rough Trade appearance was a highlight. They say it's their favourite festival and you get the sense they mean it. I loved all the pop up / secret gigs around the site too. The drummers and dancers from Manchester really added to the atmosphere on Saturday afternoon, but from Einstein's Garden (Johnny Flynn) to the BBC Radio Wales stent (Sweet Baboo, Money, Fossil Collective) there were so many extra sessions and things on around the site.

Lovely atmosphere on the new GreenMan Rising stage - Little Arrow in particular were fantastic - the finale of their set had everyone dancing, including my kids, a special moment. I wonder how good the access to that stage would have been had it been a muddy festival like 2012 though - perhaps somthing to consider for 2014.

Well done to everyone involved. One thing that makes the festival special for me is what Fiona Stewart refers to as its "guests" - so many people of different generations united by the music they love. Loads of strangers striking up conversations and swapping recommendations between bands. Glanusk is in a stunning location too - the setting enhances the music. My son wrote on his wish card "I hope Greenman stays here forever". My sentiments too. I feel at home at Greenman and will definitely return.


Still buzzing on Tuesday morning.

My musical highs - Phosphorescent obviously, a worthy future headliner. Some great sets in the Walled Garden - Teleman, Sweet Baboo ( I did go a little bit crazy for Swimming Wild and might have embarrassed my daughter slightly), the rapidly maturing Cowbois Rhos B, Huw M and Darren Hayman - singing along at the front to Rain All Summertime in the sun, just doesn't get any better. BSP absolutely immense as always. James Yorkston in great relaxed form and lovely to see his dad come on for the Ivor Cutler song. Was impressed by Slow Show and Lord Huron on the Mountain Stage. Didn't see anywhere near enough of Woods, Unknown Mortal Orch or PSB due to clashes or waiting for sodding pizzas.

Funniest moment of the weekend - The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing in Einstein's Garden singing 'Jesus was a fucking cockney' and exhorting the kids to sing along (this after ta song about the perils of self-abuse in Victorian times). Horrible Histories with swearing!

Oh and the people - they were lovely as always, the stewards were brilliant, security so low-key as to be non-existent. I had an i-pad with me all weekend (don't know why) which I left in the tent all day - wouldn't do that at another festival.

I reckong that's about perfection now after this year's changes. As others have noted it's fantastic to see how the organisers respond to feedback and make the necessary changes. I hope the festival made a healthy profit for Fiona and the team so that they can continue to resist the corporate shilling.

Arrived home very late last night. Another thoroughly enjoyable experience. Only our 3rd time attending but it has become a permanent fixture in the calendar and I can't imagine being anywhere else on that August weekend ever again! 

Even after thinking last year that this wonderful festival cannot be improved, I am proved wrong. The extra matting, the Rising stage, the beer festival, the slight modifications in the layout, the new bars ...

Great to see the screens back and the lower-key acceptance of tips by the bar staff. The Growler was of the usual excellent quality! 

Love the Green Man clientele. As mentioned elsewhere, everyone has their own unique experience. I spoke to people who were there mostly for the beer choice and the comedy, others who were there mostly for the camping experience and the kids activities. Even on the music front there was such variety. I spoke to a couple who spent almost their entire weekend in Chai Wallahs, others just headed to the Mountain arena for the day, content with whatever the line-up brought them. All unique lovely people. I know the organisers take more care than perhaps is taken at other festivals over important things like toilets etc. but I think part of the reason also that toilets are still usable after 4 days of festival use is the respectful nature of the typical Green Man festival goer. 

Like most others on this forum, I pay close attention to the programme and travel (sometimes at worrying speed for a man of my vintage!) from venue to venue in a futile attempt to see every band I want to. As much as I think that I would be the perfect person for the job of picking every act for the weekend .......... I wouldn't!

If you are reading this Fiona and crew, you get it so correct time and time again. I have no interest in The Horrors, Fuck Buttons or Jon Hopkins (without KC) but find it great that the person rubbing shoulders with me at Darren Hayman on Sunday has, and is as buzzing about them as I am about my highs of the weekend (Midlake, Phosphorescent, Roy Harper, Band of Horses and the absolutely inspired decision to put Huw M followed by Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog in the walled garden on Sunday afternoon; both superb and helping to contribute to the important Welsh identity that the festival has). 

I wasn't expecting to be as bowled over by Band of Horses as I was. They really "got" the festival even remarking on the diversity of the line-up during the gig. Well done also for the promotion of up and coming bands; Wild Smiles were fun and The Slow Show are surely destined for great things. Just realised I haven't mentioned Parquet Courts or Sam Amidon or ...

Great festival! 





Have to agree with all that previous comments that this was a brilliant festival. My first time to Green man ( and in fact to any festival) and I feel I have been well and truly spoilt. The vibe, the music, the scenery and theorganisation was seconn  to none. I had thought of bringing my children but was unsure how family friendly a festival could really be and thought it would be a good idea to come with just the husband this time to check it out. Now I've seen for myself just how friendly it is the children will definitely be tagging along next year! Highlights for me were Roy Harper, Phospherescent ( who should have been on later and much longer - next time please :) Stornoway, Local Natives and Half Moon Run (big things for these guys). I had little clue about the rest of the music but that was most of the fun, discovering new music is surely what this festival is all about. I did feel as someone else mentioned, that the Mountain Stage could have done with upping the pace a bit from late afternoon to evening, but that is a very minor criticism of a wonderful festival. We will all be back next year, where from a very personal point of view, and am aware some may not fit with others likings  I would love to see Ryan Adams (who would be absolutely brilliant here. I can just here 'La Cienega Just Smiled' on that Mountain stage) The Waterboys ( whom you could have already had?, remember I am a newbie) Ray Lamontagne, Richard Ashcroft and John Mayer. Ambitious I know, but I believe anything is possible from Fiona and her team. 

Oh, and I need to mention the staff and stewards before I go, amazingly friendly.



noooooooooo... Another year to wait, can we do it all again this weekend.  So much to mention, for me Woods were the standout, loved those psych jams, unfortunately they had some technical problems at the start which cut their set short.

and all those tech problems were with jarvis's mic

after which you STILL couldn't hear any of his harmonies

one of the standout sets of the weekend, nonetheless

I was saying to my wife on Saturday morning that Friday at Green Man was one of my favourite days at a festival ever (and I've been to a lot of festivals) I managed to fit so much different stuff in. I got to see Julian Cope and Caitlin Moran give very different but equally enjoyable talks in Talking Shop. saw some old heroes in The Pastels (who I really enjoyed, but I am a huge fan) and Edwyn Collins (had to cut short to rush to the Walled Garden but will be seeing him again at Moseley Folk) saw some up and coming bands who are surely destined for bigger things (Parquet Courts and the amazing Teleman), had my brain melted by Fuck Buttons and finished the day with an hour in the comedy tent watching Andrew O'Neil. Inbetween was spent just wandering around, taking in the amosphere and enjoying the weather. The beauty of Green Man is the variety and the ability to see so much of it due to how easy it is to get around the site.

So many other highlights across the other days. Steve Mason on Saturday was superb, simply amazing, when he played Dry The Rain I'm sure grown men cried and I definitely had something in my eye. Band Of Horses looked absolutely thrilled to be there and I enjoyed them but it was the only set all weekend where people talking around me spoiled it a little. As for Sunday, what a day! Stayed around the Walled Garden/Far Out area for most of the day to catch as much as possible of what was a hectic schedule. Woods were a nice discovery for me, Unknown Mortal Orchestra were everything I love about them on record and then some more, managed to get down to the Walled Garden for a bit of Public Servic Broadcasting who I thought should've headlined the stage, in the dark. British Sea Power were astonishing, one of the best gigs I have ever been to, it was amazing and I thought the Far Out was perfect for them, some of that magic would've got lost on the Mountain Stage, incredible. And this comes from someone who left one of their gigs in April so disappointed that I said I'd probably not bother with them at Green Man. Band of the weekend. Veronica Falls were fun but had tough competition with Swans and Ben Howard and it showed - they had a tiny crowd and I did feel a bit sorry for them.

All in all a superb weekend and I haven't even mentioned the meet up (hi to everyone I spoke to) on Thursday and Patti Smith, Money and Matt Berry. Mainly because I'd had a few pints of Growler and it's all a bit hazy. 

Green Man is the best festival in the world, it's everything a festival should be and nothing like what so many major festivals have become. I hope it never changes. 




Such a shame that we didn't get to see Half Moon Run and Veronica Falls.  After the throng for the brilliant PSB (the highlight for all 4 of my under 12's), we settled for Local Natives (good) and Ben Howard (just for the kids) thinking that the Walled Garden would be too busy to get near...

I travelled from France with my 12 year old daughter for our first Green Man and we couldn't have had a better time. Of course the good weather helped, but everything was perfect. Great music, unbelievably good organization and lovely people. Highlights for us were Patti Smith, Phosporescent, Steve Mason, Villagers, Stornoway, and Half Moon Run. But it turned out to be less about the music than I expected and we spent a lot of time in Einstein's garden, where Lori Campbell's set was a particular highlight despite the drizzle. My daughter also had a banjo lesson, made a solar cell and loved the interactive stuff in the brain science tent.

Needless to say, we will be back next year.

If anyone saw me I was the guy with the messy blonde hair giving lessons on the Saturday. Happened after a conversation on the Friday night with a guy working in the bookshop leading to me spending a lot of Saturday teaching banjo. That was one of my personal favourite GM moments, would love to do it again. Thanks again for letting me help out, book shop people. 

This was our 1st Green Man and thoroughly enjoyed it. Excellent atmosphere, didn't see any trouble all weekend despite all the booze, and of course the weather helped lots. Incredible selection of food stalls, some a little pricey but overall if you shopped around you could find the best quality for price. Is always nice to go to a festival when people aren't crammed into the available space and i think they got the amount of people and space available just about right to create a good atmosphere and also enough room to have a mooch around and a little breather.

My highlights:

Thursday: Hey Moonshaker

Friday: Keston Cobblers Club, Will and The People

Saturday: The Slow Show (band of the weekend), Lord Huron (close joint second), Band of Horses (close joint second)

Sunday Will Varley (brilliant if you got up early to see him at noon in Chai Wallas), Half Moon Run

Slight niggle, if there was one, make the main bar in the courtyard bigger, gave up a couple of times trying to order a drink in there at peak times because of the queue - was quite looking forward to trying all the ales and ciders too but there just seemed to be a list from 1-99, no descriptions of the ales, just the names (unless I missed this), it perhaps would have been best to group the beverages together E.g: 1-15 light ales, 16-25 dark ales etc etc.

Cracking weekend all round, and probably the cleanest festival toilets I've seen - always a bonus!!

Will be coming back next year if the lineup is as good

my first Green Man - after going to over 10 Glastonburys,  and a good few Latitudes, Big Chill, Beautiful Days etc - in summary what a great experience- definitely back next year and will recommend to all

Highlights off the top of my head:

security - very low key ( contrast with eg Latitude..) and friendly! 

Toilets - always clean, stocked and available ( ok I'm a bloke some of the ladies queues looked "challenging.." )

Showers in the campervan fields 

mushroom man - this guy selling wooden mushrooms was there happy and smiling 24/7 entertaining kids - greatstuff 

Just having the space to wander around a beautiful setting - the main stage arena is great ( and when that rainbow was directly over it was an amazing sight ) 

Chai Wallahs - great atmosphere - whoever was playing 

Real ale tent - ( just need more supplies and bigger tent next year..! ) 

complete lack of mud despite reasonable amount of rain 

Roy Harper - say no more - legend 

Minor suggestions:

sound in far out stage was too much bass - some real ambient stuff early on  Saturday was drowned out each time a bass drum kicked in 

more real ale!

In summary a great job by all involved in this - very different feel to other corporate fests - and much better for it 


pretty much what all the above said, so thanks very much.

Fifth time at GM and deffo up there at the top. Best moments for me were Melody's echo Chamber, who really let their hair down, John Cale, Sweet Baboo and Half Moon Run. Many other very enjoyable moments too numerous to mention.

Knew some people would mention the queues at the real ale courtyard, but it obviously worked!

Also learned about the Glanusk House being bombed by US servicemen after WWII from a lovelylocal guy on Sunday who had brought his family on a day ticket - have to look into this...

Thanks again, a real treat for all 7 of us

My first festival and with 4 kids - they loved it, limited the number of acts I could get to though, loved nearly everything we saw, but still missed out on at least 10 acts I had down on my "must see" and "want to see" lists, however, my highlights: 

Thursday: Patti Smith

Friday: Phosphorescent (and Parquet Courts)

Saturday: Lord Huron (and Steve Mason)

Sunday: Lau (and PSB)

Thanks Green Man, a 42 year old Festival virgin will be back

Dalla - thank you for helping to make my daughters's first festival such a success! I had no idea that the banjo lessons were completely impromptu but I guess that is in the Green Man spirit.

Thanks to everyone at GM13 we had an amazing time and will take back so many wonderful memories.  First time at GM and first time at any festival for my kids (11 and 9), wife didn't fancy it, so with some trepidation I decided to take the kids on my own.  No need for worries though; loads for the kids to do and the layout of the stages meant we could always find a spot to watch some great music.

Quiet camping was perfect for us; friendly tent neighbours, clean toilets, not too far to get to the action.  Food options were plentiful, if a little pricey and Little Ones play area and Einsteins Garden were ideal pre-band entertainment.  Loved all the festival sights, the disco bikes, light up umbrellas, endless bubbles, the superheroes, men dressed as women, dancers, drummers etc. Lots of people seemed to be smiling a lot - think it is important for kids to see that 15,000 people can hang out for a weekend without any trouble.  Always felt safe leaving the kids for 5 mins to go to the loo or pick up an ice cream.

....but most of all the music, had to pick and choose a little but we all loved Band of Horses, Public Service Broadcasting, Wild Smiles, Teleman, Fossil Collective and Parquet Courts.  Kids managed to see The Horrors and 5 mins of F*** Buttons - surely some future street cred as they get older!

We will definitely be back again next year and can see it becoming a regular fixture in the family calendar.