Just in case anyone has missed the discussion on the other thread the 2013 forum meet-up will now take place at the END UP bar and not the Walled Garden Pub as previously advised.

The End Up bar is near the Far Out tent and can be seen at the lower left of the map here - http://on.fb.me/16OcuhX

The reason for the change is that people have realised what an absoutely awe-inspiring line-up GM has put on for Thursday evening in the Far Out tent this year and want to be on hand to catch some of the earlier acts, or at least listen in from the sidelines.

All other arrangements are as before. Start time is 6:30 pm although there are likely to be a few folk around a bit earlier and most of us will be hanging around for a long while so don't worry if you get delayed en route.

There'll be a few green t-shirts about and we're sure to stay fairly close to the bar so you will spot us. There'll be kids, tweens, teens, youth, declining youth, and the young at heart so all are very very welcome. Whether your a veteran or a virgin please try and pop by. You can just say a quick hello or hang around for the evening - it's entirely up to you, but it'll great to hear what people are expecting from the festival and pick up some tips and recommendations for the weekend.

Last year's meet was the most successful yet - let's make this year's even better.

See y'all on Thursday.

Hi i Will definatley pop along and say hi, coming with my 6 year old so a real adventure for us both! 

look forward to meeting you!

Lucy nd Oakley

Thanks for the update, peridot. Still not sure whether I'm going to make it, been really ill all week, arriving Friday might be a possibility. Daughter currently distraught at prospect of not going whereas I'm completely stoical of course.

Krasnyi, If I was a hippy i'd send you healing thoughts and good vibes, but since I am a dour materialist all I can offer is my ernest good wishes for a speedy recovery and a safe drive to Glanusk.

Krasnyi, I really hope the situation improves and you can make it down. I have nightmares every year before the festival about one of us being ill, or something happening to the car, etc. Keep us updated with your plans and remember there's plenty of hands available to help with ferrying equipment and putting up tents if you're feeling rough.

Thanks peridot, much appreciated! We've borrowed a pop-up tent so that shouldn't be a problem. Not deciding anything just yet but Friday's looking more likely if I can manage it. Sodding gall bladder!

We'll be there, looking forward to it! Good idea to change the venue bearing in mind the line-up. Hope you're feeling better soon Krasnyi. You're in Brum, right? Us too! 

And we're in Moseley! My son has just finished at KH Primary. He's not coming though 'cause Daft Punk aren't on. The boy needs educating. 

We know a few peoplw with kids at KH primary, ours are at Colmore.

My daughter's musucal tastes aren't so well defined, she just gets to listen to stuff I play. She was a big Caitlin Rose fan a while back after she met her at GM and had quite a natter.


Definitely won't be making it down tomorrow but am more hopeful for Friday, in which case I'll wear the ANDWMW t-shirt so stop and say hello. Have a great time tomorrow evening one and all!

not sure I'll manage to stay up for Johnny Pictish, state I'm in plus a bit late for daughter, no booze for me all weekend either - if I make it.

would you be too surprised if Kenny shows up?

Hi all!

Feel a bit of a fraud having not posted for the last year (been intending to for the last month or so since I got my ticket, but have had a really busy month), but thought I'd say Hi as I met a load of you last year and you were all lovely. I will be about this weekend, though I may be a bit late for this meet due to trains (gutted to be probably missing Jon Langford). So I may be about tomorrow night, or otherwise say hello if you remember me and see me- I'll be spending a lot of time down the front, slightly right of centre in the Far Out Tent, I think..... not a lot on the main stage excites me this year.... well there's Midlake, Edwyn Collins and Low.

Just enjoyed a couple of hours checking out snippets of bands who are new to me. Have to say Jacco Gardner stands out a bit. Might contribute on a few other threads later if I get a chance to read them!

Hi blackcatista, good to hear from you. I think most of us will be around at least until after Patti so hope to see you tomorrow evening. I'm hoping to catch Jon Langford too depending on actual stage times.

Krasnyi - understod mate, we're bound to bump into each other at some stage. I'd be disappointed if Kenny didn't turn up as a wee surprise!

Interesting! It's a shame when things end up like this especially after all that Fence has achieved. Oh well, no Kenny then. I'm certain we'll manage without him.


Car packed and glass of red polished off too! 

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

If travel and set-up arrangements go to plan, we'll be down to the Far Out at 4:30 for the kick-off.


En route now. Or at least we will be once the train driver has finished his break apparently. Wellies and bikini packed, to cover all eventualities

I'll be getting into Abergavenny in half an hour, so hoping to be onsite very soon! See you all at half six

lucky fuckers.

I'm coping with the fall-out of Jacob's 'disappointing' A level results today, and playing the End of the Road playlist on Spotify.

Excited by what I hear and looking forward to something new in Dorset, but it is too wierd not to be bertha-ing down to Crickhowell....enjoy!