Walk to Crickhowell


Long time reader of the forum and I've searched and searched can't see this question being answered before so almost gave up.. then realised why not be the one to ask!!

I know that the walk to Crickhowell is do able but I was wondering if it signposted in anyway or should I take a map? Or can anyone give me some directions?

We are arriving by train tomorrow so are planning on an amble to Crickhowell to stock up on some all important supplies (wine etc) Are there the usual selection of shops?

Struggling to contain my excitement through the last few hours of work now!

Thanks in advance :)


it's quite easy - I did it last year and is well worth it. You bbasically walk along the river and follow your nose! There will be other people around to ask if you get lost, local dog walkers and other festival goers. It took me about an hour - last year it was VERY muddy underfoot


from the main entrance to the site - by holiday car parking - it's about a half hour walk into crickhowell along the B road

turn left out of the entrance, walk along the road (there's no verge or pavement for most of it - so be careful) until you get to the bridge over the river

turn left, cross over the river, and then take the right hand fork past the bridge end inn - at the top of that hill, you'll find crickhowell 'high street'

there's a great off licence, a couple of newsagents, an (expensive) camping supply shop, several pubs, a great cafe, a grocer's, etc.


no problem!

most mornings there are a number of people walking into crickhowell

just follow the crowd!

ok - it won't be a 'crowd' - but enough that you'll know you're going the right way!

these days, most people in crickhowell are extremely friendly

now that they know we're all very friendly too - and not about to turn their village into a squat

(there are also a lot more copies of the guardian / independent / observer in the newsagents than there were the first year!)

Every year I vow to take a morning walk along the river into Crickhowell, but then find myself rushing to finish breakfast before the first acts start playing :)



Definitely recommend walking along the river unless you're in a bug rush to save 15 minutes (cross the bridge with the big castley things, then look for the gate/stile to your right. There'll be a sign to point it out. Then just follow the river for 45 minutes or so.

I always do a walk there and back on Friday morning fo beer and cheap nibbles and get back just as the music starts.... 

Not seen any polate about it lately, but didn't Bacchus, Crickhowell's premier emporium of booze used to take orders for deliveries to the main entrance? 

They did, but they have changed hands since then (still an Alladin's Cave of intoxicating wonders) so I'm not sure what the current arrangements are. 

Their phone number is 01873 812229 in case anyone wants to check.