What else have I missed?

Fergal isn't coming, Nooooo!!!!

and meet has changed location, someone grab a sofa.

Anything else?

I shall be there, with beard and sunshine umbrella if it's raining.

Found lots of music now and am proper gert excited like.

My memory recall for names is still awful so please don't take it personally...In fact I'm quite tempted to bring sticky labels and marker pens as one lovely lady did at the first meet I went to at the courtyard bar.

Whoop whoop!!

Haha,Brilliant! Well I'm going to pack some wool to keep me occupied on the journey tomorrow,so I'll make a few more in case anyone else has a cold chin. And I know I've only been to one of the forum meets,but will it be the same without Fergal & Co? :/ Sad times.See you tomorrow hopefully! X 

Hey faeriekisses, I was beginning to worry that you might not be there this year. 

Bring some sunshine, will you please :)

See you tomorrow.

Ahhh, bless you :)

Just lots going on, no way I'd miss it as I couldn't get through a year of the real world without it.

I think my friend Clare needs a beard :)

Just keep knitting those beards Stitch, I know of at least two GM newbies in our party who are currently beardless and would rejoice in your marvelous creations.

Oh that's what I like to hear! Well I've got many,many hours on the train/coach tomorrow so should be able to knock up a few more :))

I hope you all have a safe and reasonably pleasant journey tomorrow.

I hope Krasnyi gets down on Friday and manages to make the most of the festival, brave man.

I hope Fergal and his lovely family are back with us next year.

I hope, like faeriekisses, that the next four days help me get through another year in the 'real' world as they always have before.

Right, that's my prayers said and I'm off to bed. Thank you, goodnight, and may your god go with you. :)