Nature Nurture Area Info

Does anyone have any info about what's available, prices, previous experiences etc? Want to treat the other half to a pampered morning, would a full body massage be available? Likely cost etc?

Virtually no info on the main site.



my other half has been for massages for the last couple of years and absolutely swears by them. There have been a few different options available and the one she went for covered mostly upper body and back. I think it cost somewhere in the region of £20 for an hour. She also used the solar powered hot tub and showers - last year you could get a pass for the weekend and use the facilities as often as you liked. Money very well spent in her opinion. She booked up on the day we arrived as spaces are always going to be limited and start to fill up quickly as people stiffen up from sleeping in a tent after the first night or two. The solar showers were also in the Nature and Nurture field, can't see why they won't be this year too. Have a good one.