Looking for fellow loners to camp near/Lift share from Swansea through Cardiff

Okay firstly apologies as I know there's a few of these threads now. Oops. So the friend (and their back up) both have let me down so I'm most definitely coming on my own this year (it'll be my first Green Man too).

I'd love to pitch up next to some other fellow soloists so was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up when they arrive on the Thursday??? Does the campsite fill up pretty quickly? Still unsure what time is best to arrive.

Also I've seen that some members meet up in the walled garden (?) area on Thursday. Is there a set time for this? Can't seem to find any info amongst the many topics. And is the walled garden easy to find for a first timer? :)

Finally I'm driving from Swansea and will have space in my car for possibly 3 if anyone wanted to lift share. I require no money for petrol so happy to pick anyone up on the way.


Hi Manny90, I'm certain you won't regret coming on your own. The campsites fill up fairly quickly but there's plenty of space. There will be plenty of folk arriving all through Friday so you'll have no problem on Thursday. 

The meet is arranged for 6:30 pm. Keep an eye on the forum as there will be a dedicated thread confirming arrangements next week. Everything at GM is easy to find so you won't have any problem locating the Walled Garden.

Have a great time.

Hey there, I'll be coming on my own again this year and finding some others to camp with sounds cool. I stayed in a Tangerine fileds tent last year but decided not to be so lazy this year and just bring my own! What time will you be arriving on the Thursday? I probably won't be getting there until about 18:30,did manage to make the forum meet up last year though! :) 

Hey Manny90, I'll be coming on my own this year and I'm from Swansea. If the offer of a lift share is still available I'd be very interested!