Festival Time

Hectic day today, I will be at GM HQ early tomorrow morning, I'll try and give some updates leading up to Thursday.

Signing off for now.

Have a great Fest x

Travelling by train, so it would be great to have an idea of what footwear might be required. What joy if it looks like I can leave the wellies behind and manage the entire weekend with just a pair of walking boots, or even better sandals!

The BBC weather forecasr has been changing daily. As have all the others. They do every year. About two days before you might get some accuracy in predictions.

Could not wait another night so booked a pub in the Wye valley for tonight and the red arrows are wizzing around overhead as if to celebrate my decision.

5.30 am start for us tomorrow. Should be in Crickhowell about 12 hours later. B&B booked for tomorrow evening and should actually be alive enough to enjoy Thursday evening. Had no room to pack the wellies last year and convinced everyone they wouldn't be needed! Not one of my best decisions. 

"Very, very foolish words, man." to quote a line from a film in this year's cinema tent...I really, really hope you're right Carnie.

Actually, I can't imagine wetter conditions than last year...and you are on site so I feel encouraged by your optimism.

i think you're right - it's going to be damp this year - but not somme-like

but there have been far wetter years than last year

2008 was ridiculous

I've just managed to squeeze the wellies in the car 5 minutes ago just in case. A near impossible job.

Now to attempt the impossible ... get the boys to settle.

Excitement building 6 and a half hours til departure. 

I'll just blast a bit of "the Pastels" to calm everyone down!