Sad line up

Maybe it's a relief to think I won't have to plan. I can lay under a tree all day and night. No need to choose. The line up is daft. The line up is grim. Cobblers.

Cough...splutter...I'm not a troll. I'm a regular Green Man punter. This is my 7th year. I was just interested to see if anyone else thought the line up was disappointing. I can't wait to get there and I'm going to have a lovely time. The line up, for me, is completely uninspiring compared with every past festival. I hope you disagree.

People are a bit paranoid if they reckon a criticism of the piss-poor line up could only be spam/troll. I'm just being honest. The festival is much more than the music right? So I'll have the usual time of my life. I'm not being disloyal - if anything I feel very protective towards the old G Man, and feel like the powers that be have lost their way a bit. Save the Green Man from mediocrity! There's too many silly-voiced-constipated-fey and dull eejits playing this year. Where's the excitement? Look at the headliners for starters - bloody hell - aural temzepam. Tired jaded blokes sans passion. Where's the wayhay? C'mon - there ain't none is there? 


Well I suppose one man's wayhay is another's mediocity but I'm hoping to have some good and proper wayhay moments with Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Public Service Broadcasting, James Yorkston, Sweet Baboo, Teleman, British Sea Power, John Cale etc, etc. I'm not sure it's the best line up in the 7 years I've been going but it's still pretty darn good. Is there really nowt you like?

I love Public Service Broadcasting. And course it's my problem and nobody else's. I was lucky to have the riches of previous years... I guess they've spoiled me. 

nothing is worth beard removal...apart from maybe lice.

I've only ever had a couple of acts to get excited about pre-festival each year (this would be different I'm sure if I put the effort in to listening to stuff before I went) but love the whole discovering and going with peoples, especially forum folks, recommendations. but yeah, it's way more than the music.


But don't get rid of the beard!

Faeriekisses you speak with great wisdom. It is about discovering stuff. I may have been too harsh. This could be be the best one yet. Sorry about earlier...the humdrum workaday life has me in its clutches and often makes me grumpy and unimaginative. There's shedloads of potential favourite new bands just waiting to be enjoyed. The beard is staying. I'm going to go with no pre-wotsit. See ya there good people


Faeriekisses you speak with great wisdom. It is about discovering stuff. I may have been too harsh. This could be be the best one yet. Sorry about earlier...the humdrum workaday life has me in its clutches and often makes me grumpy and unimaginative. There's shedloads of potential favourite new bands just waiting to be enjoyed. The beard is staying. I'm going to go with no pre-wotsit. See ya there good people


Sssshh...I have a reputation of stupidity to protect.

That's the spirit, and remember, work is just a means to get you in a position to enjoy the adventures in life, like Green Man. 

But I know what you're saying, mine does the same more often than I'd like turning me into someone I'm not which makes it all the more frustrating.

A fine blue philosopher put it perfectly "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim"


Um, for what it's worth, I think it's actually one of, if not the strongest overall line-ups in the several years I've been going! OK, I'm not all that bothered about Ben Howard, but I'll be going to see Swans instead anyway. Not really short on legendary acts is it? Patti Smith, John Cale, Robert Wyatt and Roy Harper spring to mind, and there's plenty in the more up-and-coming area too with UMO, Parquet Courts, Melody's Echo Chamber etc. 

James I agree! Completely uninspiring. It's all just so, um, samey. Absolutely no one (except maybe Patti Smith) who I feel is going to kick ass. I intend no offense to the people who like the majority of bands playing, it's all a matter of opinion, hey? I DO hope to be wrong, of course, and that I will end up being bowled over. 

And I also heard the atmosphere and general festival is supposed to be amazing, so I'm banking on that to get my fun.Plus it will be quite nice to experience some of the side-acts, cinema and talks, which I wouldn't normally do at a festival.

As well - likewise - I quite like the fact that it will be a festival that I won't be stressed at, wondering who I am missing out on when watching someone else. I will be able to go with the flow! So there's always a silver lining.

When I agreed to come to GM (where I am working), the line up hadn't been fully announced. I think next year, I'll be aiming for End of the Road as my main summer festival. Unless of course I do end up being mesmerised by GM, even though there isn't a single band that I'm gunning to see. I'll still go with an open mind though :D

I'm fairly sure Fuck Buttons, Archie Bronson, Parquet Courts, Arboretum, Inlet and others will provide some kickass, wahaay moments for me. This is my third year (and I regret not coming previously) and I've only seen one of the main stage headliners in the previous two, plenty more to discover


This will be my 5th year at Green Man and the first time I go without my usual gang of 10+ people. When I first saw the line up I wasn't excited at all. However, after doing lots of research and buying lots of music, I think it may well be the most excited I have ever been about the line up. As mentioned above what makes Green Man so special is it's location and unique atmosphere but it's secret weapon for me  is discovering new bands /stuff. Last year I discovered Islet and Alt J.

The bands I'm most looking forward to watching (In no particular order) are:

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Melody's Echo Chamber, Woods, Steve Mason, Portico Quartet, F Buttons, Allah las,Dark Star, Public Service Broadcasting, Julia Holter and Moon Duo.

I also can't wait to see the legends that are Patti Smith, Julian Cope and Robert Wyatt. I realise that some of these might clash with some bands but I'll make a point of seeing them no matter what.

I  love the Green Man. For me it's my favourite ever festival. For those of you who are first timers I'm actually quite jealous as you're in for a real treat. However my main piece of advice is bring water proof clothes and be prepared for mud no matter what as it always seems to rain. This however will not spoil your festival as long as you're prepared.


Can't wait. One week to go.............................

Wholeheartedly agree with Scoop. I don't get the comment about the line-up being 'samey' at all. In what way are Swans and Kings of Convenience remotely the same? Or Fuck Buttons and Roy Harper?

I can't make GM this year for the first time in 4. Hope you all have a blast. I'm going to EOTR for the first time and I've been a bit apprehensive, looking at their lineup.

I didn't think much to it.....until I started doing some research and now I'm proper excited. There's a fair bit of duplication with GM, as per. But, after a fair few youtube hours trawling through the names unfamiliar to me I can't wait to get stuck in.

I get the impression a few folk are less than sure about the GM lineup. 

I will report back afterwards. In the meantime, if anyone has any big recommendations for EOTR acts let me know? There's a fair bit of unfamiliarity so I'll be taking a punt throughout the weekend.



Sold my EOTR tickets for several reasons but will be gutted to miss John Murry perform his stunning album.I actually think that the Green Man line up is stronger for the first time in years though i would be happy to swop Ben Howard for the Eels.

Berthasdad, a few on there I've seen, Joe Gideon & the Shark a couple of years ago, very good. Bo Ningen, 3 times now, extraordinary, not everyones thing maybe but worth a look. Matthew E White, enjoyed him much more than expected at Latitude.

I think EOTR has more individual highlights but GM is overall better.

I'd swap anyone on the GM line-up for Eels and most of them for Savages.

And I hope GM remembers that it's our turn for Damien Jurado next year :)

Hadn't picked up on him yet...gone straight on the 'must see' list for EOTR. Thank you.

Bo Ningen? May have to leave berthasmum in the bar if I go take in their set..

Thanks again for the suggestions, much appreciated. Hope you enjoy next weekend, and that the weather is a fair bit better this year

Hey berthasdad, I'm going to my first EOTR this year too! I think pretty much everything will be great but my recommendation for a band you should definitely see is Efterklang - I think they might clash a little bit with David Byrne and St Vincent, not sure, but they are a must-see! If they end up showing their film 'The Ghost of Piramida' in the cinema tent, that will also be excellent. Eels are worth checking out, obviously, and I'm looking forward to Sigur Ros, Daughter, Widowspeak, and there are lots of good comedy acts too. Hope you have a great time!


Thanks all for some listening suggestions for me to check out before I go... erm... tomorrow. Ok, not much time, but hey, I'm just stoked to be going to a festival. I have no doubt that it will rock my world and put a huge smile on my face!


i was also not inspired by the line up, but being a Big Green veteran, the music was not the most important reason for going.  but having said that, i was blown away by John Cale - he is truly classic, the Kings of Convenience were a brilliant suprise, and there were a number of other good bands.  all in all a great festival.