Carer's Ticket

I'm starting to get very edgy as I've purchased an adult ticket for myself, a teen ticket for my disabled daughter, and have been waiting for a Carer's Ticket for her mother and our disabled camping and parking access for the last 7 weeks - I keep emailing the information address but never get a response and can't find anywhere on here to phone and speak to someone. The festival is only just over a week away and at present our family holiday is looking borked for lack of a friggin phone number.

Any advice from anyone????


Ticketlines number 0844 888 4420. This might help. One year we did not get our tickets but had to take our email and id to the box office at GM.

I will try the ticket line tomorrow morning. If GM admin or ticket line are having problems surely they could offer taking emails etc.. to the site. What I am worried about is turning up and the box office not being able to sort it out


If you look on fb and twitter as well as the forum you will see a lot of us are waiting for carers tickets. I had a response when I posted on the forum I was told to expect passes this week -nothing so far. There are quite a few people with disabled members in their parties very stressed out about the situation. If nothing arrives I am taking e-mails saying we should have a pass to the gate with me and taking it up with them.It is tough enough trying to get out and enjoy things others take for granted without having all this hassle.

Totally agree Thomas this is meant to be the highlight of my year. I have over the last 8 years sung Green Mans praises regarding its accessibility & the fact that it has enabled this 57 year old grandmother with cerebral palsy to still be able to party enjoy a festival. I am at a loss of what to do next, have left posts on the Green Man facebook page, tweeted and emailed GM, worse part of all of this is reading everyone else's posts about how excited they are and packing their wellies etc.. I am sat here in limbo & getting upset. I just need a response :(


We are having the same problem. I had emailed Alison in June sent my DLA info etc.. made sure their was availability of carer tickets before I bought one. Purchased my ticket emailed Alison reference number of ticket and parking ticket and a response that all was fine & nothing since. This is my 9th year of going, it is the only festival that is accessible for me and I love it. I like you are getting very frustated and upset because I am getting no response for emails or facebook posts and yet Green Man admin on facebook are repying to other posts not related to the carer tickets

Perhaps if I start swearing & mentioning Disability discrimination the moderator will respond! I don't want to rant I just want to go to the festival, I just want to know I'm going to the festival and by the other posts on here so do a few other Disabled people & their families 

Thanks for bumping Mojopearl.  I've had an email from Alison today saying tickets and parking will be sent out today, so keeping my fingers crossed. I hope everyone else gets theirs too.

Judging from my personal experience and from that of other posters, both this year and in previous years the couple of weeks leading up to the Green Man are particularly fraught and stressful for those using the disability area.

This seems to be down to two things – communication (or rather the lack of) and late date at which the passes are sent out.

My experience, and again this is echoed by a lot of other comments on here over the years, is that we send off repeated emails on the subject of the disability area a lot of which go unanswered. It’s the not knowing what’s happening that causes a lot of the stress.

I fully understand that the weeks just before the festival are very busy indeed for the GM staff – however if answering these emails were given a slightly higher priority I think it would make a lot of difference.

Last year I got my pass just a couple of days before setting off for Wales – so rather than being filled with excitement - I was on pins. In fact being on pins has been pretty much
my experience every year (I’ve been to 7 GM’s)

I think that if, in future, the passes could be sent out just a week earlier it would make a lot of difference.

Great, hopefully the organisers will take your comments on board for future festivals...have a fantastic festival!