Family visit

My first visit to a festival since my pre-children days. Am camping from Monday with my daughters 10 and 12 - any recommendations and / or tips from veteran family visitors  welcome.

thanks Dot

With kids that age it should be relatively problem-free I'd have thought. I've found it difficult in previous years trying to balance seeing the stuff I want to see and allowing the kids to do stuff they want. This year i'm coming with my just my daughter (10 in Seeptember). I'd strongly recommend Einstein's Garden - loads of things for inquisitive kids there and good fun for adults too. You problem might be that this year they've introduced a new kids space for over 12s so you might have some conflict between your two (though it might be a good opportunity to split them up!) In terms of the music - immerse them in it in the weeks leading up to the festival - get them to say what they like so thsy have an input in choosing what they see (steer them in the right direction of course!). We'll see you in Einstein's Garden for the Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing!

Brecon is a nice town, full of stuff.

If you go to Big Pit you can go underground down a former coal mine. That's fun. You can have your lunch in the former pit canteen. The guides are former miners and very sharp and funny. 

Llangorse lake and Talybont on Usk are good too- the Star In in Talybont is a great pub with good beer and food. 

Cyfarthfa castle and park  in Merthyr Tydfil is ok too.