Has anyone worked at Greenman (Einsteins Garden)


Just wondered if anyone has experience of working at Greenman - I am going to be manning a stall in Einsteins Garden and wondered if you are able to camp near your stall or is there a separate workers campsite?

I am planning to bring a live-in vehicle - would that be allowed in the worker's camping area? If not, does anyone know if the live-in vehicle field would be anywhere near Einsteins Garden.



Hi cmarsham, I've no personal experience but Einstein's Garden is a fairly small area so there aren't any staff camping areas there. I can't recall whether I've seen any live-in vehicles in the main staff camping areas in previous years, however even if you are in the general live-in area you will only be a few minutes walk away.

See you in the Garden - which stall will you be on?


I'll be on the thermal imaging photo booth - see you there :-)

Have the live-in vehicle tickets sold out? Does anyone know?