Green Man Rising band competition

Afternoon Folks!

Green Man Rising - our band competition - is now live! It gives bands a brilliant opportunity to open the Mountain Stage at this year's festival in 9 weeks time!

The top 3 bands with the most votes + 3 bands chosen by Huw Stephens will be put through to the final at The Dublin Castle in Camden, on Thursday 18th July



Just been listening to the bands on the Green Man Rising page some are unbelievably talented...I couldn't pick a winner!

Feeling rather sorry for osme of the entrants who are still stuck on 0 votes. Do they have no friends? do they not realise it is an exercise in mobilisation? Vote for 'em now I say! Spread joy and happiness.

It would be a fairer option to create a playlist so that you can just point click listen and if your not intereted move on to the next, as it becomes a bit of a chore to select load to view more, and I feel that the ones at the bottom have a bit of a raw deal as the page automatically loads to the artists with the most votes. 

It would be a nice touch if a few of the long standing forum members could be involved in the process some way or other, their knowledge on new music and scouting is first class and know the festival inside out. I'd be happy for any of those to pick an opener.


Excellent idea. Bring on the Scando twee-pop!

I see we have our annual controversy with the booting out of two of the leading entries (one of which is a band from Crickhowell).

Also - bizarre that so many entries have no votes at all! Have they no friends? They're like the Lib Dems of Green Man Rising although some aren't actually too bad!

We appear to have a new leader by some distance all of sudden,  a cringe warning should come with the vid, it's bad!!! Funny enough you don't get to hear any of their music, how strange.

We say this every year but GM really needs to rethink this one. How on earth can a band suddenely appear with so many votes? And I don't know what the problem was with the Crickhowell band but they were clearly rather miffed to be kicked out so I think a statement might have been in order.

In future years just ask us. We'll go for the best stoner-twee-psych-folk-electronica-death metal band on the list.

how is someone like christof - who i've seen play with the staves - and, unlike all the formulaic guff topping the page, has something approaching distinctive individuality - floundering on 84 votes in the lower recesses?

i think the idea is a good one, however the whole voting through facebook is seriously flawed, a comment above by Carnie about a playlist which is easier to scan and skip through with voting primarily directed through this site. It is a great platform for bands as my entry in the competition has brought a few radio plays and a couple of gigs.. Just hate the way some bands backed by big management and label interest go straight to the top in an instant.

I don't really pay any attention to this to be honest, and I don't feel like I've missed out in the slightest. I'm not a fan of anything that involves public voting, though I guess in principle democracy isn't entirely a bad thing when it comes to politics

hoxton isn't even really in london anyway

it's in a sort of stateless limbo annexed by brooklyn

i'm actually having to take my passport to go there tonight to see akron/family

Potentially an all too rare decent week in Cardiff next week... Trembling Bells (or Six by Seven) on Monday, Akron/Family on Wednesday