Weather thread 2013

We're getting this godawful weather out of the way early this year then?

Well 2009 and 2011 weren't too bad were they so . .. . .

Won't mention 2007.

Remember, pay no heed to official forecasts. Listen only to the sage of Merthyr, Cyfarthfa!

I was wondering when you'd be brave enough to take the plunge (appropriate metaphor), Krasnyi.

I can vouch for the fact that Glanusk was well-watered this weekend, as I was camping half a mile down the road towards Crickhowell. 

I've only just dried out.

I think the sage of Merthyr has advised the purchase of sunscreen, but the sage of Casnewydd advises wellies.


I notice there's no mention of the Druids this year. Probably had the sack after last years rain. I'm  happy to bless the festival in their place. I do a mighty curse too though. I smited Merthyr Rocks last year for their atrocious death metal stylings clearly audible from the back step of Cyfarthfa Towers and look what happend to them. No Merthyr Rocks this year. Could smite Festival No 6 no trouble.

July is looking quite promising weather wise. Might this somehow extend into August? I've got this peculiarly optimistic feeling, but I think I get that every year around this time, only for it to be cruelly dashed as mid-August approaches

In 2 Readings (sorry, I was young), 4 End of the roads, 2 glastonburys, 2 Cropredys and a handful of other little festivals, I have only experienced 2 really wet days.
I therefore think I may be a good omen, and as its getting increasingly likely I'll go hopefully it will be a dry one!
Either that or I will get to experience my first proper wet festival.

very pleasant in the park for the stones it was last night

balmy, in fact

my advice to anyone going next weekend, however, would be NOT to drink an entire bottle of the crappy south african sauvignon they have at the bar


I think I should need two bottles before I could endure the Stones.

Weather wise I have a great fear that we're peaking too early this year.


2009 - Glorious

2010 - Rain

2011 - Glorious

2012 - Rain

2013 - 


I see a pattern

Why has no one noticed this before? Might make life a hell of a lot easier. Sun cream and sun hat it is then. Good to know I can leave the wellies and cagoule behind this year

2009 and 2011 are also the years i missed though

and i'll definitely be there this year

so start gathering two of each animal

Hmmm... still hedging their bets for next month at the Beeb

Monday 29 July—Sunday 11 August
A change on the cards for early August.

Although there is still a significant degree of uncertainty in the longer term forecast, at present the computer models are indicating that a change in weather conditions is likely to gradually come into play early in August. The high pressure system that dominated July's weather looks as if it will start to retract away to the southwest slightly, opening the door to some cooler and more unsettled weather to northern areas of the UK that will eventually transfer to central and some southern parts. However, there's still a reasonable chance that the fine and dry weather will at least persist for a while longer in the far south.

Next week

Any sign of more warm weather for the middle of August? Find out more next week.

Whatever happens in mid-August this period of dry weather means the ground isn't going to be semi-waterrlogged to start with as in previous years. It's looking good folks!

Scando twee pop?

You claim the best

If this is what you're offering 

I'll take the rain

I'll take the rain

Jury's still out then...
Monday 5 August—Sunday 18 August - Remaining changeable
There is a good deal of uncertainty during this period. Currently there are some indications that northern parts of the UK will most likely be unsettled with outbreaks of rain, but with some drier and brighter interludes at times. Meanwhile, southern areas seem rather more likely on balance to have spells of fine, settled and occasionally warm weather, although with the chance of occasional heavy, perhaps thundery, rain and cooler conditions.

weather forecasting is the astrology of the modern age

i wish i'd chosen it as a career

as lying as a profession goes, it beats politics

Will the trend from July continue? The air pressure anomaly map below shows a similar picture with pressure higher than average across the British Isles, but it's not as high as July, so although this type of pattern would suggest a good deal of fine, dry and warm weather, there is the scope for some unsettled periods - particularly, but not exclusively in the north and west of the country.

Bloody 'ell - who knew Michael Fish was a fan of GM?

Well I can tell you that your air pressure anomaly map will be feck all use in the Brecon Beacons mate - it's an anomaly all of it's own :)