Anyone going by themselves?


Really hoping to go along this year though have been unable to convince anyone to go along with me so far! Anyone else planning on going by themselves that want a new friend? I realise how sad this sounds!

A number of people have posted on the forum over the past few months who are coming alone so you should have no issue finding people to hang out with.

I believe that there is also a forum meet on the Thursday night of GM13.

It's the folk who don't realise what they're missing out on that are 'sad' Kirk, not you.

Plenty of people go on their own each year and I've never heard anyone say that they had a bad time, quite the contrary in fact.

Come along to the meet and you'll quickly get to know a few people that you'll find yourself bumping into over the weekend to swap experiences with.


Since my usual group has disintegrated a little, I'll probably still go this year even if on my own so I'd be pleased to meet anyone else in the same boat. Where would you be travelling from?

Hi :)

I am going also for myself this year. I come from Bristol. Anywone else?

I went to Green Man with a few friends in 2010 and loved it; I went by myself last year and still loved it. You'll be fine! And as people have said there's the forum meetup on the Thursday night if you want to meet people to chat to over the weekend.

I am back!  After previous years of coming on my tod (and loving every minute) I have managed to wrangle a partner to come with me this year.  We will see you at the pub in the Walled Garden on Thursday - any themes this year?  I am not sure I can rock a beard :(

My mate who has come the last two years can't come this year but I didn't want to miss as it's my favourite festival.  I like the sound of a forum meet up on the Thursday - how does word get around of when / where?

I'm coming alone too! What are we planning to have to distinguish ourselves? Maybe some leafy headgear - in homage to the big Green Man himself?

Also, anyone coming for the week? Thought I'd make the most of being in such a beautiful part of the world :)

Angharad x

Hi Angharad, I came for the week last year - and had a great week despite the mud.  It did mean we were in the 'family camping' bit though - and on reflection it would have been better to have moved to the other side on the thursday - other car park other entrance not near the family / camper van bit.  

I think I saw someone mention about meeting in the walled garden pub on thurs - 

Hi All - I'd love to meet up with some people on the Thursday, as long as you don't mind someone of my advanced years (51).  I love GM, however it's getting more and more difficult to get mates to go to festivals any more.  Talk about one foot in the grave!  Sod 'em, I'll still be dancing to Fuck Buttons on Friday night! 

I think that's about the average age of the Green Man attendee isn't it? That's probably partly why I like it so much

It is important to remember that the appropriate headgear must be worn and that the correct grammatical usage is employed at all times. 

Where has this weird autcorrect come from Walter?

Are you trying do ray_rad out of the activity that gives his life meaning?



You're a Woodcraft  dad! That's cool. 

I was briefly into Woodcrafting after I had a disagreement about the content of the Scout  Promise. But then I discovered the joys of the Banana Bunch on Saturday morning tv.

Sounds like a lot of bollocks to me.

The only headgear I'll be sporting is my bald patch and I hope that "Mine's a pint" is all the grammer I'll need.


Im going alone but im stewarding also, looking for a lift share, anyoine else in this boat? coming from preston