Those TBCs

Eleanor Friedberger (of Fiery Furnaces fame) is over late August.

Her two solo albums are gems. Witty, intelligent writing, great tunes, sassy style.

What about it Green Man?

I'd be quite happy with that. Would still love to see Goat though for a full on psychedelic freak out. They might not be twee, but they are Scandinavian. Their set is on the Beeb's Glastonbury website. They'd fit in well at Green Man

are there still any tbc's. oh i could go on but goat would be great, ty segall (in my dreams) deerhunter? shouting matches? gorkys reunion? tanlines, i better stop going on.

maybe it's just a band called TBC

that'd be a pretty good name for a band actually

on the bill everywhere without ever having to send in a tape

(showing me age there..)

Fanfarlo have announced they're playing on Sunday. Good news as far as I'm cconcerned. Wonder if that's a TBC or if someone's pulled out.

The tbc for Sunday is the third act on the Mountain Stage judging by the last poster I saw... might fit the bill. Walter has been very quiet on the subject lately


I can't take it any more... Those TBCs.. What are they? It's driving me mad... Can't sleep at night...Need to know... Need to know now...