Hello all,

I'm new to this forum and have never been to Green Man before but am tempted every year. I have been to End of the Road for the last 4 years which is great, and just down the road from me so nice and easy, however the line up this year doesn't really hold much attraction for me, plus their tickets are now at full price - a lot more than I've paid in recent years, so that's also putting me off.

So..... I'm really considering Green Man this year, especially as I'm suffering from post Glastonbury blues at the moment.

The only thing that really puts me off is the travel, I don't have a car and public transport from (and more particularly, back to) Southampton will be pretty horrible, and expensive.

I noticed there was an option to post in a "lift share" section, but couldn't seem to find it just to browse. Can anyone point me in the direction of it?

Also does any one have much experience, good or bad, of public transport to and from the festival? What's the shuttle bus to/from the station like?

Basically I need people to convince me to buy a ticket...



Hello Matt,

I also read something about lift sharing and looked it up on facebook as it's said. There's a website called GoCarShare.com where you can search for shared rides.. They also have a facebook page with lots of people on it, maybe that'll help.

And to convince you: I'm coming all the way from Amsterdam! Which means; bike, train, plane, train, shuttlebus, walk... :)

But would like to know somehting about getting back from the festival site to the trainstation; anyone knows how much that'll take?




I travelled to Green Man from Leeds by train last year. As long as you don't mind either packing lightly or lugging heavy bags around, it's completely fine - I'm making sure to take as little stuff as possible this year to make the journey there and back easier. I didn't have to wait long at all for the shuttle bus (although it's possible I was just lucky), and I can't remember exactly but it took less than half an hour to get from the festival site to the train station.

There used to be a lift share section of the forum but I think it's been deleted now. I think the official stance is that people should use goCarShare instead http://gocarshare.com/festival/green-man

I use the train/shuttle every year and it's fine. You won't have to wait too long for a shuttle bus from Abergavenny station, and it's only 15-20 minutes to the festival site. Train back to Newport gets crowded Monday morning, but that's about the worst part, and that's only something like a 40 minute journey anyway

Thanks for the replies, you are doing a good job of persuading me. I'll check out the car share link too.

One other thing, does anyone know how close to selling out it is? (standard adult tickets).

Generally speaking you should be OK until quite near the date of the festival, but I always get anxious this might be the year that changes and I'd miss out! Doesn't bare thinking about for me. I have a feeling they have something like 12-14,000 adult tickets, though I might be totally wrong there! With bands, crew and kids that's probably more like 18-19,000 people in total. It's just a nice size I think - for the most part doesn't really feel too overcrowded