The lovely campsite for a 1st time GM'er

Hi folks,

I will be coming from Amsterdam to beautiful Wales to experience my first GreenMan. I've been to lots of festivals but can't really find any info about the

campsites. And with that I mean; how far are they from the actual Festival or is it just one big field..? What would be the best spot to camp.. Yes, I'll be there

early on thursday..

Thanks.. and see you there!



thanks! sounds good!

Then: do you also know how long the ride back from the festival site to the train station will be? As I have to fly out later the day...



Allow more time than you need for return as it gets busy with everyone leaving at the same time. From the campsite I'd allow an hour to an hour and a half to get to Abergavenny station I think, and those trains do get busy. So long as you factor in plenty of time it's fine, though the journey there is easier as arrivals are more gradual


Regarding the best spot to camp, it really depends on how much sleeping and partying you want to do!  'General camping' can be quite noisy, 'Quiet camping' less so, and 'holiday camping' (mainly occupied by families who have camped there all week) being even quieter in my experience, but with more children waking up early.  I would go for the latter, but thats probably because I'm old and boring ;-).  All the different camping areas are signposted, or I'm sure a friendly steward will show you the way. 

On this subject,we are camping in the family camping field as first timers this year and once had a terrible experience lugging all our gear miles up a hill at Camp Bestival! Can someone with family camping field experience let me know if we will be best off bringing some kind of wheeled trolley to lug our huuuge tent or will we be fine with a few quick trips on foot from the car? Trying to decide whether to buy said trolley!

Youi can hire a trolley in the family camping car park for £5 per half hour (and a returnable deposit). There is a hill down to the campsite (obviously more of a problem on the Monday going back) but it's not far. If you can manage it I'd recommend lugging the tent down on the first trip when you'll get your wristbands from the box office then hire a trolley for everything else. Otherwise you could find yourself stading in a queue and wasting trolley time. Hope this helps!