Any 'discoveries' yet?

Now I'm belatedly working my way through the list of stuff I'm not familiar with I have to say the woman Newsom has a lot to answer for.

Apart from Veronica Falls who I'd kinda heard anyway, haven't come across anything to excite me as yet. Have found some stuff to avoid like the plague though but. Not moaning, plenty of great stuff there but (and this is partly GM's and 6Music's fault) I find fewer new 'discoveries' each year. Where's this year's Gilbert, Monkey Swallows the Universe, Cowbois, Radio Luxembourg, Treefight?

Just don't get Low, the Horrors or the Pastels. And as for Swans. Well each to his own eh?

Hit me with your recommendations. Scando twee pop welcome!



I like Georgia Ruth Willams. She played last year but I didn't get to listen to her and sadly she isn't playing this year. She's a better harpist than Newsome and sings better in my opinion. I am also taken with some of the bands on in Einstein's Garden, including the Ballina Whalers- who I think of as being a bit hipster (i.e. they are under 40, unbearded and thin) for shanty men. Also The men Who Will not be Blamed for Nothing. And Polly and the Billets Doux. But I don't think this is much of a year for twee-huggers. Scarce a flute or cello in sight. 

Probably late to the party but Sam Amidon's been my 'discovery' this year. And, I must say, if you want to go really deep, the 4 track mini-suite at the start of Laura Marling's latest offering is a real headphone moment (or turn the volume right up if you've got the house to yourself!)

i didn't even realise mikal was playing

proper garage rock goodness

anna von hausswolff is the only act i'd never heard of prior to her announcement that's got me really interested

I realise I'm probably a philistine wot knows nowt but Anna von H is down there with swans in the avoid at all costs category for me.

i'm excited about seeing:

The Slow Show


Will Varley

Keston Cobblers Club

Lord Huron

Half Moon Run

Joe Banfi

Really loving Half Moon Run - I think they'll be mu discovery of 2013.

I'm with Krasnyi on both Mikal Cronin and Anna VH.

Another new to me artist that I'm liking is Nuala Honan. Apparently she was also at GM last year but I obviously wasn't paying attention then.


Are they any good? Haven't seen them on the line-up. Not Scando-twee are they?

Yesterday's tawl suggested the following might be worth further investigation: Blaenavon (improbably young but old beyond their years types), Rachael Dadd, Huw m, Melody's Echo Chamber, The Men That would Not be Blamed for nothing, Polly and the Bllets Doux and Zeervas & Pepper

Me and Peridot agreeing on something musical? I'll be sure to check those towo out mr p

I think it's only the overly twee and Scando pop that divides us Krasnyi :)

I was also surprised when I saw a picture of Blaenavon having listen to them first - they do sound good.

Have you sampled Grass House - they're good too.


+1 from the Slugger household for the KCC. A bit of lovely tuba (yes I said tuba) on some of their tracks. 

Friday looks particularly sweet this year ... Keston CC followed by Sam Amidon Phosphorescent and Midlake. Hopefully get to call in the Far Out for Parquet Courts also.



not doing much for me, i'm afraid

pretty and all that - but sounds like a lot of other folks doing much the same thing

i'll enjoy it when i've had a skinfull if the sun's shining

i do need to get one of those tiny grand pianos though - big time

anyone got any idea what they're called so i can search the ol' web?

Friday is going to be tricky. Not only are there a number of potential clashes between the Mountain and Far Out stages for me (Phosphorescent + Midlake v Parquet Courts and Moon Duo for instance), but I keep forgetting about the whole Fence Records thing in the Cinema tent as well. Shame that UK Mountie has bowed out this year. It would be handy if someone out there set about creating a Clashfinder document

I think we can take it as read that during Phosphorescent's set everyone will be there. Only Bonnie Prince Billy could possibly hope to compete

I purchased the Phosporescent CD, I know crazy!  Was not expecting a great deal, but it is very good to say the least, and plenty of pedal steel, so even more happy.  Not sure if I have asked this, are Beachwood Sparks playing?

I have to agree, not sure about Low or Horrors although i will reserve judgement until having seen them live.

My main concern is Veronica Falls and Local Natives clashing on Sunday, loving both at the moment.  Lord Huron too, they were new to me and I certainly dig them.

Half Moon Run sound really quite wonderful from the song or two I have heard. Them and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Two bands I hadn't heard of but very much looking forward to! Good ol' Green Man.

A few ladies at the bottom of the Walled Garden stage are working for me..................... annie eve, denai moore and annie dressner. Have a listen : )

Wouldn't have been going out of my way to see them anyway, I find them rather dull.

On the other hand, despite owning the current and previous Phosphorescent albums I wasn't entirely convinced. Following the fulsome praise on here I've been giving them another go and am totally won over. Surely going to be a highlight this year (and hopefully not the Iron & Wine disappointment of a couple of years ago).

At least you have artists playing in your country I only have that luxury once a year! Although yes it's a brilliant luxury with the best Festival on my door step.

Absolutely loving "The Slow Show".  Will there be a better way to spend Saturday morning? 


Will there? 




No I thought not. 

Yeah spot on! It was bugging me who they reminded me of ... A bit Tindersticks, a bit the National, even a tiny bit of a Deacon Blue but definitely a lot Lambchop! 

the mention of the national in your above description is unneccesary

as they are a tindersticks tribute band

i keep having to remind people of this

short memories...

one way to get mr ray really riled - suggest to him that the singer in tindersticks sounds a wee bit like Vic Reeves in pub singer mode (he does y'know!)

Ooh Krasnyi you are cruel although I can understand the pub style singing from a pub band, do not mention Ben Howard, he loves Ben Howard.