decisions decisions

Its gonna' be awesome mate, throw in Y Niwl, Lia Ices and Holy Fuck on friday.

Saturday try H Hawkline (saw them in Rheola festival twice last weekend and they were brilliant)

Sunday try - Cowbois Rhos Botwnng (another brilliant performance last week) Michael Kiwanuka and Tweak Bird for some rare Heaviness.

If you want a recommendation for the Sunday, the Efterklang film 'An Island' is showing in the cinema tent, and it's bloody brilliant. They were excellent at GM last year and I saw them in Cardiff and London this year which is where I saw their film - it is so, so good.

Thanks Sian, that film had passed me by but looks fantastic.  Pity its on later and looks around the same time as Michael Kiwanuka who I've heard really good things about.  Always feel like I'm missing something when in the cinema tent unless it's really early on in the day and the rain is teeming down - a la Ponyo last year

Editor, all gratefully noted and pencilled in.  Michael should have been on my list already.  Tweak Bird I've tried getting into but just haven't done it for me yet; although I can imagine they will be an experience live.

 I'll second that Ken Dood, The Travelling Band are a must, as is Joe Driscoll in Chai Wallahs (think he's on twice over the weekend in various ways. And Bert Miller and the Animal Folk in Einstein's garden. Fell over them one year and have followed them ever since...they always make me smile!

I'd avoid the fortune teller. Last time we went she told my missus that her and I would be together forever & of course she was right. Unless by forever she meant about another 9 months. the result was pretty good, but the preediction was awful.

Do they have those stupid things where the man keep banging the symbol around you and it turns you into a being immune to all known germs or something?