We're on site!

Good to see you are keeping an eye on The editor of a famous etiquette book, I think you have too....don't work to hard, have fun and frolic a bit...

 Hello Walter,

That nice ray_rad seems to be having trouble getting onto this forum, and he's missing it terribly and worrying about the standard of grammar and punctuation slipping in his absence.

In the midst of everything else you have to do at Glanusk, do you think you could see if there's anything you could do to sort out his log-on?



Passed by the site today (in the pouring rain) and it's looking very nice. Lots of portaloos in place and the lights strung up around the site perimeter. Can't believe it's only next week.

It was peeing down however :-(

Hope we get ray_rad back soon. It's weird how some folks regularly get locked out.