Green Man is downright delighted to unveil the wonderful Feist as his first fantastic headliner for summer 2012!

The Canadian singer-songwriter will play the 10th anniversary Green Man Festival on Sunday August 19, and heads the first wave of amazing acts confirmed for the most varied and exciting line-up in our decade-long history.

Feist’s Grammy-nominated 2007 solo breakthrough The Reminder sold over a million copies worldwide, while last year’s superb follow-up Metals was declared the best album of 2011 by The New York Times.

A long-standing member of acclaimed music collective Broken Social Scene, Feist has also collaborated with the likes of Wilco, Beck and Grizzly Bear, and this month received a 2012 Brit Award nomination for Best International Female Solo Artist.

What better way to end Green Man’s 10th birthday bash than in the company of one of the most beguiling voices in modern music? Heavenly…

Tickets for Green Man 2012 went on sale at 9am this morning!

If that wasn’t enough, the following astounding artists are joining Feist at Green Man 2012, in the heart of Wales’ breathtaking Black Mountains, from August 17-19:
The Walkmen
The Felice Brothers
Yann Tiersen
Jonathan Richman
Junior Boys
Damien Jurado
The Time & Space Machine (Live)
Cass McCombs
Scritti Polliti
Slow Club
Ghost Poet
Pete Paphides - Vinyl Revival
Peaking Lights
Dark Dark Dark,
Cashier No. 9
The Wave Pictures
Teeth of the Sea
The Perch Creek Family Jug Band
Richard Warren
Goodnight Lenin
Sweet Baboo

Trust us, this is just the beginning – we’ve got TWO more brilliant headliners and over 100 other acts yet to announce!

Green Man 2012 – it just wouldn’t be the same without you.


google "eric clapton" "rivers of blood"

for his on-stage endorsement of enoch powell

and the catalyst for the creation of Rock Against Racism:

Quote from Wikipedia: 'Clapton told the crowd that England had "become overcrowded" and that they should vote for Powell to stop Britain from becoming "a black colony". He also told the audience that Britain should "get the foreigners out, get the wogs out, get the coons out", and then he repeatedly shouted the National Front slogan "Keep Britain White"." This from a man who made his money out of  'borrowing' (often wthout credit) the music of Bluesmen and women.

rather than buy a Crapton album look at this:


and donate if you want.


i mean, i've been drunk

(which was his excuse)

but even at my drunkest, the worst it's going to get is inappropriately upsetting people dear to me

not turning into eugene terreblanche

let's also not forget that when his kid walked out of a window and fell to his death, EC wrote a song about it

called it 'tears in heaven'

and released it as a SINGLE

all of which he presuambly did sober

In response to said song (I think) the band Anal C**t  (despite the endless A2M discussions I'm still not sure what's appropriate in here) released the song "Connor Clapton Committed Suicide Because His Father Sucks". The name had to be changed though...

I'm pretty sure I would lose all my faculties long before being drunk enough to go on a tirade against the "wogs"...