wickham festival

Hi, new to forum but not to GM, have been every year since 2009 and have very much enjoyed reading the esoteric unpredictable and always entertaining threads on this forum. I have a ticket for Wickham festival in Hampshire which I cannot use due to a bereavement. I don't want anything for it, but would hate to see it wasted and would like it to go to a good home. If anyone can give me a good reason why I should send them this ticket, then I will do so. If there turns out to be more than one person who has a good reason, I will have to ask advice from the other forum members on where its destiny lies. There may be no takers, who knows. I hope there will. Even if it's somebody who lives in Southampton and only pops up for an evening or something like that...anyway, hello to you all from a rain sodden Sheffield.

Hi, Sorry to hear about your bereavement. I am also new to this forum (and Green Man) and only really joined to ask about travel from Hampshire. I've been to Wickham festival before, it's a nice little festival (with good ale!). I also live in Southampton, so it's nice and local, so if you don't get any other offers and it's still available I would be very happy to put the ticket to good use.

Cheers, Matt.

Hi Matt, glad you can make use of the ticket, sounds like it's going to a good home...if you email me your address I'll stick it in the post for you. I'm hdwilliams@btinternet.com Saw your other post about wondering whether to come to GM. well I think you'd like it, 2 main stages just about 5 minutes from each other, one covered, the other with a fabulous backdrop of the Black Mountains. They keep everything very open and fair minded, and while it's festival prices, camping's good as there's plenty of space, in fact there's plenty of space everywhere, and shade if you need it, unlike Glastonbury...the car park's about 10 minutes walk from the camping and the courtesy bus drops off there as well. Haven't caught it myself but my daughter's used it a few times without any problems. Have to dash off now but if you have any other queries just ask...Hope you enjoy Wickham and have a pint of something frothy for me, All the best, Huw


Thanks Huw, that's really good of you.
As for Greenman, its seeming increasingly likely I'll go. Everything about it sounds wonderful