Who playing where and when? Speculation thread

So according to the GM Facebook post "plenty more acts to follow (and a final headliner)" which I assume means there's a Thursday headliner still to announce? Anyone want to speculate? TBH, give it to Melin Melyn after their performance last year....

Amyl and the Sniffers and Goat seem like pretty standard Far Out headliners to me.

Who do we want/expect for the big slots in the Walled Garden? Joesphine Foster (did she last play Green Man in 2006? As far as I can tell, she's not played since) would be great there.

People in "the other place" seem to be thinking it's Spiritualized headlining Thurs and a bigger name TBA for a weekend headliner. I'm not so sure- felt like there was general consensus last year that blowing a huge budget on Kraftwerk might have been a false economy. Given that the festival has no problem selling out in 3 hours, I'd far rather they spent funds on a broader range of acts, or improving equipment, or helping staff deal with the cost of living increase or whatever.

I dreamed last night that Weyes Blood was announced as final headliner. Put radio on this morning and RadMac were playing Children of the Empire. Got to mean something that. 

Devo will be Friday night headliner as they have shows on Saturday and Sunday.  Young Fathers are Sunday, either FO headliner or MS sub presumably.  Beth Orton is Friday, presumably MS mid afternoon. 

It's just a random guess someone has put on there.  Wouldn't read too much into it.  That said, GM and people involved in GM have been liking some of Tom Skinner's social media activity.  Skinner is The Smile's drummer and the stuff that's been liked has been "Smile" related.  So you never know...but currently no indication they're going to be touring at the right time for GM this year. 

Based on what's out there currently: 

Friday: DEVO, Beth Orton, University, Etella, Gently Tender, Salami Rose Joe Louis

Saturday: Courtney Marie, Josephine Foster, Crows, Lady Maisery, Water From Your Eyes, Lankum, Spencer Cullum, Etran de l’air

Sunday: Young Fathers, Amyl, Alabaster dePlume, Marie Davidson, Sarah Jarosz, Special Interest, Clara Mann