Who are you looking forward to?

EITS are the band I'm probably most looking forward to - but there's so much I wanna see. And I just can't wait for the whole experience.

 Treefight for Sunlight and We Were Evergreen (to annoy the anti-twee lobby)

But really Leisure Society, James Yorkston and Fleet Foxes (who are on at the same time so might be difficult)

 just been listning to john mouse and the gentle good....love them both, and their playing one after the other!!

also try and catch whistling biscuits in einsteins garden on friday....their a group of beautiful, hairy, chilled out, folky lovelyness!! :)

Big shout outs for Admiral Fallow and The Gentle Good!

Main stage I can see the Avett Brothers being festival crowd-pleasers.


Excitement is building chez slugger!

Havent heard admiral fallow yet, i'll try them tonight. Been hard work this year sifting through the bands ive not heard.