What's yer camping kit?

This thread could really do with a proper forum that can host pictures but just wondering what tents and other camping paraphernalia you folks have been stocking up on for the festival, or what favourite bits of kit you'd recommend to others.

Myself and daughter will be camping in relative luxury in the live-in field in a Dandy folding camper. I'm always surprised that there aren't more of these wonderful examples of British engineering at Green Man, but it was nice last year to have probably the only other one (and its lovely occupants) pitched right beside us.

Our main acquisition this year has been a pair of Maclaran Gadabout chairs. I first saw these at the festival four years ago and have been trying to get hold of some ever since. They are really lightweight folding chairs produced in the 60's by the guy who invented the Spitfire undercarriage and the first folding baby buggy. They go for silly prices on ebay but I was lucky to grab a pair that someone had just listed at £30 'buy it now'.

My other essential bit of Green Man kit is a small backpack constructed in the same way as a pop-up tent. Hard to describe but it's flexible frame, wide pop open top, and internal pockets, makes it just perfect for the diverse conditions we find ourselves in at GM.

So what's your special bit of kit ....?

Wow Peridot, I just looked at photos of your trailer tent and chairs online - very stylish!

I'm afraid we're much more mainstream, a Coleman Celcus Duo tent which (importantly) is a quick 'up in one' pitch - no wet inner tent to contend with in the usual GM pitching conditions!

We bring a gazebo too so we have dry outdoor area...comes in useful when the kids have crashed and we're enjoying the headline act from the campsite - civilised.

My other essentials are an airbed and huge sleeping bag....my body simply can't cope with sleeping mats any more.

Most importantly - a snuggly alpaca poncho and crushable gold fedora are essential pieces of kit for me....of course.

The Kremlin is a wel-known part of the Green Man camping landscape. Often I have lain dozing, listening to passing festival-goers saying 'there's that fucking enormous tent i told you about'. Last year when it was just me and daughter we borrowed a fab Outwell pop-up which took 1 minute to put up as opposed to the hour for the Kremlin. I'm toying with the idea of borrowing a couple of tiny tents and combining them with one of those Coleman event gazebos - less time putting up and taking down and less weight for me to carry (in my current rather weakened state).

Last year we bought our first Festival tent, a 4 man Coleman Coastline(?) - which was perfect for one adult and 2 kids.

This year we will also be bringing a porch which attaches to it, so we will have a bigger covered outdoor area to hang out in. Also got a couple of new windbreaks - in my head we are going to have a cosy, sheltered oasis. Other essentials are folding camp chairs for weary legs and a rucksack each for extra layers of weatherproof clothing. Invested in a better umbrella too, but hopefully just for shading us from the sun!

Kids have got torch/glow sticks which are great for locating the precise area of Mountain stage to head back to after grabbing food and so on, my son guided me in like an air traffic controller last year.

Disappointed so far to have missed The Kremlin so far!

I have recruited various family members along so extra tentage is needed this year!  So far the kids have these newfangled 'musuc bags'.... body shaped sleeping bags which they cant wait to use, My new toy is the Landmann tripod barbeque/grill.  

Got good reviews but we have still to put it to the test!  We are bringing our own garden trolley thingy this year rather than renting one on site, picked it up £60 on ebay, so worked out cheaper.  

We bought a MWB Sprinter this year specially for GM because of the disaster we had last year (me, the old fella, 4 kids and the kit packed into a VW touran, we had to re pack the car around them on the motorway loo break! ) not enough space.....not nearly enough supplies, learned that the hard way.  

*I will never forget stacking storage boxes again*    

Wondering, is it worth investing in a gazebo?



Jallnah, your post made me think about how much of our camping kit is organised around Green Man. After the first year lugging kit from the car park (and only to the edge of the live-in are to camp beside friends in a caravan) we decided we had to have a 'live-in' vehicle of our own. Since then ever piece of kit is judged on its relevance to the four most important camping nights of the year.

Gazebos can be a nightmare on campsites if the wind whips up a bit and they end up embedded in someone elses tent. However Glanusk is really well sheltered so I doubt this would ever be a problem and they do give a useful extra sheltered space.


We also have our own trolley,which is great,we can share it with friends too - it gets a lot of hammer on our smallholding during the year so it's not pretty to look at, but very useful.

We bought a cheap gazebo from Argos last year for Green Man and were very impressed with how well it lasted the weekend, so much so it's coming back with us this year. I know some festivals frown upon people bringing them but they do come in very useful for cooking and things.

I'm glad we aren't the only ones that buy camping gear based around Green Man Peridot, the kids are worse than me, they've even saved their Christmas and birthday money up in anticipation of the weekends antics.  


Does anyone actually use tent carpets?

Sounds like Gazebo could be a good idea then!  I feel like it's creeping up on us now, only 25 days to go!!!!

Lets face it... it's summer in Wales, it's probably going to rain. My gear still has the scars from 2008 & 2010.

So this year we are renting a cottage. Well it keeps Mrs Romps happy! Oh and it has a fridge, toilet and shower. LOL

Greenman is to be our main holiday this year and I have assumed that all our camping gear was to come with us...apparently my partner thought otherwise...and I was so looking forward to using the 'camp kitchen' for the first time and do this camping thing properly.

His main concern is that all our kit could potentially get nicked I think...and the mighty treck from the car park has also put him off bringing too much stuff.

I possibly do tend to over pack for these things...you never know what the weather is going to be like for a start...! 

But, I guess what I really need to know is there much crime at greenman? What's the security like if any? And is a trolley an essential piece of kit?

Many thanks.

Never had anything nicked in all the years I've been going to GM.

I tend stick anything of value inside the tent whilst we're out during the day, but tables, chairs, little cooker etc are left outside under the gazebo.

Just as I suspected Elizabeth...he has a very suspicious mind...I shall take full responsibility for the kit and hire a trolley when we arrive.

Brimstone, hire your trolley AFTER you have queued and collected your wristbands so you don't waste any valuable trolley time waiting in a queue.

Gas stoves are allowed aren't they? We just heard that some friends weren't allowed to take them at another festival and just wanted to clarify this?

Never come across any crime at Green Man.

Never had any problems taking camping gas in either - some festivals have this ban preumably to force people to buy food on site.

We had a "cool box" pinched on Sunday night / Monday morning last year - probably someone feeling a bit peckish after a night in the Far Out! Hope they were OK travelling home on Monday -  the scotch eggs were "home cooked" the previous Wednesday & the Brie was runny enough to give anyone the runs!!!!!

Karma will get them Scarletgirl. We pack everything you could possibly need plus many things you don't. My wife has something of a tent obsession, currently have 15 I think, choosing which one to bring causes must angst. If the forecast is grim it will be the Coleman Exponent 8, loads of room inside if one of the inners is removed. If a good forecast it might be vintage (ie very old) Relum canvas she picked up in a charity shop for a fiver

Quick gazebo tip - if it's one of the standard ones with 3 inter-locking metal poles per leg, then leave off the bottom pieces so that the legs of the gazebo are only 2 pieces high.  This does restrict the ability to stand up under it but increases the amount of shelter available from rain and makes it less likely to blow away in high winds (as long as you peg it down too).

Other essential camping kit?!  A proper pillow - makes a world of difference!

For what it's worth my camping kit is non-existent, but I think the B&B in which I'm staying should cater for all my needs for the weekend

We are currently debating if we should get a smaller "festival" tent. Currently we have an Outwell 5 person tent WITH CARPET. So glad to hear that I am not the only one with carpet, my other half wants to leave the carpet behind for GM. I bought a new flat based gas stove and have discovered that its just not as good as the little folding one I have. I keep burning my fingers trying to light it.  I also bring two duvets and pillows, one duvet for underneath and one for on top. I am not convinced that getting a slightly smaller tent will reduce the amount I bring significantly...its a case of howevermuch space there is in the car I fill.

The only downside is when someone like Ben comes along and puts their tent up and down in 5 seconds and then I cry.

Now I really wish this forum could host pictures, especially after smithers post ... 15 tents is impressive by any standards. I've got 6 if awnings can be included. It's space that is the real limitation. I have a longing to get hold of one of the original 1970's Dandy Campers (which were green) and restore it in Green Man theme, but having had to modify our tiny garage to hold the one folding camper we have, lack of storage space precludes such ideas.

Green Man has to be the safest place to have your kit. While there have been occasional incidents of things being knicked, I imagine it's at least as safe as any campsite you're likley to stay on. I recall a group of folk camping near me a couple of years ago who had one of the huge Coleman event shelters set up with lots of cooking equipment and a very well stocked bar area that they left fully open when they weren't around and had nothing go missing.

I think a good general rule is to bring the maximum and unpack the minimum. It's always good to know you have everything you might need but to leave it in the car unless you absoutely do. It's also good to pack up what you've finished with and drop it back to the car in stages rather than have to do it all in one go. 


Still trying to work out a combination to avoid bringing the enormo-Kremlin-tent and thinking about combining medium size tent and gazebo. Kinda think this is a little anti-social at a festival in terms of taking up room. What do others think? Tent and gazebo here:




I have that exact tent and it's brilliant! Lots of room and really functional, I like it a lot. I don't think that gazebo would be a problem, but if all you want is a little bit of covered space outside your tent you don't need to spend so much - we have this and it's great for festivals! It looks flimsier in the picture than it really is, it has ropes to make it more secure and also peg holes in the feet of the poles so you can make sure it doesn't go anywhere!


Thanks Sian! it does look a decent tent. i need something for just me and the kids the week before GM as I can't put our huge tent up  on my own. Then got to thinking it might do for GM too but my wife, who invariably spends more time back at the tent in the evening than I do, wants some sheltered space. Just worked out the combined dimensions of the tent/gazebo combo and it's actually shorter fhan the big tent aka fhe Kremlin

Gazebo works for us Krasnyi, our tent isn't too big and it's nice to have a covered space to sit out later in the evening when the kids are asleep.

I'd agree that the Icarus 500 is a great tent choice. I have an older 500 and love it but the new one is much improved on that.

The Coleman shelters are great too but are surprisingly heavy and time-consuming to erect. You may find the the combination of the smaller tent and shelter not far removed from the Kremlin, but you'll have greater flexibility overall.

I wouldn't have thought that taking up room should be too much of a problem. Now that the live-in vehiclers have been given their rightful entitlement to an exclusive 'gated community' area of the festival site, there's lots more space for the tented hoi polloi.

i was introduced to De Waard dutch canvas tents a few years ago and havent looked back.  pricey (and predictably heavy/bulky) but seriously great bits of kit for dealing with the elements and doing the outdoors in comfort.  GM 2014 will be first outing for my new Lepelaar.  wouldn't compete with the Kremlin I'm sure but had to go for a size upgrade to appease the family and ensure I made it this year - particularly with wanting this to be my newborn sons introduction to the GM experience.

Just the basics as anything I bring I have to carry on 3 buses from Edinburgh (Edinburgh-Glasgow, Glasgow-Manchester, Manchester-Festival). It sounds an utter ballache of a journey so I will be travelling as light as I can (tent, sleeping bag, mat, small stove(?), few bits of clothes and food & 1L bottle of spirits!). That should cover it.   

It's about an 8-hour public transport job for me, but I'm happy with my (very) little 2-person one-pole tent, sleeping bag (thinking about getting a new one that packs a bit smaller) and a fluffy coat squeezed into a bag to use as a pillow. A spare "day bag", torch, toiletries, clothing and a pair of sturdy walking boots. That's it. All fits into (or onto) my biggest backpack.


Oh, and if you're travelling light, I can recommend walking a day-bag to Crickhowell on Friday morning (or Thursday afternoon if you have time) and filling it with food and booze for the weekend.

That's a great idea. I didn't know there was a place to get supplies that near. I will certainly be doing that then. Thanks for that.  

This looks like a good thread to mention that earlier this year I wrote an Iphone App to help people get ready for festivals.

Its free and has interactive packing lists and tips etc plus it will also hopefully make you laugh....just a little.


So list makers of the world unite and please download http://tiny.cc/ieikix


Brimstone - Your comment

Genius...just ordered a shewee, lots of useful tips too.

thankyou, from a fellow listaholic...

 Really pleased you liked the App and it helped. All feedback welcome as we want to develop and make it the best we can.


Can't see anyone trumping CubanPedro ... the De Waard tents are works of art. 

I hope the first outing goes well CP - I'll be watching out for your tent ... and drooling :)


yip thanks all, they are the real deal.  but so is the slog from/to the car park - even with a trolley.  gone are the early solo years of GM when i was doing the same journey and lightweight festival survival as swanmob.  at least the food offering is so good at GM that cooking equipment can virtually be dispensed with (i'll still not go anywhere without trusty Trangia for the morning porridge and espresso).  and given i'll have a 3 month old with us, if you do recognise the tent you might want to give it a wide birth if All Night Disco-ing and wanting a lie in!

@raikeswood - with the Etesian does everything really pack down into that bag shown in the video? I'm thinking of a possible trip to an international festival in the next couple of years and assumed I'd end up with a tent much smaller than that if it needed to be easily transportable.


Well, they make it look a little smaller in the video, but it is relatively compact and light for a 3-4 man tent that you can stand up in. It's not a backpacking tent though.

How times change,at my first festival 40 years ago i spent the weekend sleeping in a bin bag with no tent.Now i will not go to a festival unless there is a b and b nearby.

First festival I went to was Knebworth in 1976 (Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd and 10cc) and I'm not sure I took anything apart from a bottle of Mateus Rose (!) which I dropped on the platform of Wakefield Westgate station.