The Wedding Present

The Weddiing Present are the John Maus replacement--a decent replacement at short notice i think.

i'm sure

not a criticism of their post 'george best' output

just ignorance - and a request for suggestions!

i'll check out bizarro

i certainly loved the bejeesus out of 'george best'

but then they seemed to become ukranian or something

and i got distracted

I'm a big fan of Seamonsters, personally.

When I was about 19, they were my favourite band ever. They're nothing like the band they were- don't think I've even heard their last 2 albums, but still really looking forward to them.


Yo BC! 

Welcome back!

Seamonsters is my favourite TWP album. Some of the recent stuff is also very good. I'm a big fan of Take Fountain.

I think Heather, Corduroy and Suck from Seamonsters are still making recent setlists.





Mere words cannot convey how much I LOVE this band. 







¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

At the time it felt to me like a Leeds band trying to be like a proper one. I’ve not really kept up to speed over the last 30 years or so, to be fair 

Love the Weddoes, was rather excited to see them added. They do the best cover of Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me), even better than Duran Duran's (!) - not that they'll play it, but we might get Kennedy if Gedgey's in a good mood (so about a 5% chance).

I caught about 5 minutes of Future Islands while trudging tentwards from elsewhere, sounded pleasant enough so I can't join in with that hate. Certainly an odd choice for headliners, but then again - King Gizzard?! I had the misfortune to catch them at Manchester Ritz not too long ago, supporting I can't remember who, and they were almost as atrocious as the Fat White Family, who have also besmirched GM in the past. Perhaps they could be replaced by Cinerama, given that Mr Gedge will be there anyway? 

As you mentioned the Fat White Family, a member of that band has formed Insecure Men, playing the Walled Garden on Friday, in case you want to partially relive the experience/avoid.

Have heard Insecure Men a few times on Marc Riley, they're not bad.

King Gizz on the main stage will be interesting. Not sure how their sound will come across in the great outdoors.


It’s become increasingly clear to me that Saul, who now fronts Insecure Men, was the reason Fat White Family’s first album was so much better than the follow-up. He clearly wrote all the good songs, then went AWOL after his apparent fondness for extra stimulation ended in rehab. They’re On my list anyhow. That said, it looks like I have more time for Baxter Dury than anyone else on here!

Have you guys seen Baxter live previously?

The difference between the recorded and live version isn't quite at The War on Drugs level, but it's pretty damn close.



I haven’t seen Baxter live yet, but quite like the latest record. Think he’s one of the few things Mrs Wakestock likes all weekend! I’ll reserve judgement until I‘ve seen him, but sounds like I’m in for a disappointmen!