Aaaargh! Don't start a weather thread.  I did that one year and it's bad luck. Anyway, as long as the druids have blessed the ground we'll be fine.

As for weather, I'm in Moscow at the moment and it's steaming hot - 35C during the day dropping to a cool 28C at 11.30 last night. Slishkom zharka as they say over here.

Aaaargh! Don't start a weather thread. I did that one year and it's bad luck.

Well the weather was pretty good last year so I say bring on the weather thread. Alas metcheck now only do their long range forecasts for premium user and I am def not premium so we can but agonise. Last year at about this time I posted that Metcheck were forcasting 200 mile per hour winds for the first day of the festival - I predict that it won't snow (most likely)



 Comrade Medved the weather thread is a fine tradition. There was great fun to be had in the 'other forum' in endless speculation. My undergraduate metrology needs excercising occasionally. I have a fine collection of meterological instruments rescued from an NCB skip (imperial, naturally) and I intend to use them. We will, of course, enjoy ourselves no matter what the weather. This is what I tell my children as they write the days observations in their excercise books. I predict that it will be nice and warm but not too hot. IT WILL NOT RAIN (much). The winds will be but gentle zephyrs. Remember also, that bad weather is not the occasion of despair but just another opportunity for a display of veteranism in the future. 

 Yeah it's just that I got a right bollocking for starting a weather thread a couple of year's back. Back from Mockba now and delighted to see clouds and rain. Anyway, you're now our chief meteorological expert. We expect regular updates. 

Alas, my collection of meteorological instruments is less impressive and consists mainly of a damp piece of seaweed and a hard boiled egg. However, my range of weather predicting techniques are superior indeed and I will be making great use of the "wet finger the wind" method over the coming weeks.

I've sent the kids to dig out the submarine from the loft..... it's been cats n dogs most of the day in Abergele. Sudden flash back to the Nam experience of 2008.

 I know it doesn't pay to get unduly excited about such things, but Metcheck forecasts full sun for the Thursday and Friday so far. I take no responsiblity for the accuracy of this prediction, but I'm off out to buy some shorts. 


 I've been checking the weather on other sites too and they are all pretty much saying the same thing....I think getting excited is entirely warranted..still bringing wellies, pacamac though....


 So do fact it is how I will be arriving at greenman. Going by train so much easier to wear wellies rather than carry them..just need to buy some wellie socks, can't seem to find the ones I had...

 In the appalingly wet year it didn't actualy come over the tops of my wellies. It hasn't been as wet as that so far this month or last month, so the ground may be a fair bit dryer.

 Just don't trust those metcheck forecasts until maybe the day before  - even then likely to be wrong. The Brecon Beacons has its own micro-climate so I'm told.

i thought the druids blessing the sight was foolproof no???

be nice if it doesnt chuck it down with rain the whole time but i have my waterproof boots and poncho at the ready just incase!

gaiters and shorts??? thats a great look no??

 The druids certainly worked their magic last year but I heard they blessed quite a few festival sites this year so they may have overstretched themselves.

 Druidic powers are finite then? I suppose it might depend on if they were kosher druids, or just shamming. Anyone can call themselves a druid. There's been loads of them over in Ebbw Vale this week for the Eisteddfod, and it hasn't stopped raining for more than 20 minutes at a stretch. Takes more than a white robe, a beard and a hazel twig, you got to have a bit of ooomph behind your incantations. Me, I been pouring half a Rhymney Export over the roots of the Beach tree in the garden in sacrifice to Olwen on a regular basis , on the grounds that if she hangs round Crick she'll do a fair bit for a half.

"Metcheck's gona all lovely again"

haha bet it changes at least 3 times before next week!

ive started religously checking metcheck everyday - even though i know all weather forcasts are highly unreliable and that it doesnt really make a difference anyway!!! haha

i wouldnt be english if i wasnt slightly obsessed with the weather no?


 i'm checking about four sites at least six or seven times a day. i'm working at home this week, so it sorta breaks up the day..

 On average, it's going to be gloriously sunny and a bit cloudy all the time, with the chance of rain, which might be light or heavy at times. Wind speed will vary between nothing at all and gale force, and there might be a rain of frogs on Friday night, some of which will fall on to the stage and cause Doves to bugger off early. 


 Pretty much the same, thankfully. Mostly sunny, few scattered showers. Looking good to be honest....still taking wellies and rain mac. Not gonna be caught out.  The other thing is that the week previous is looking dry, so the ground should be nice and no mud..(everything crossed)...

 In fact the thing to do is wait till Metcheck's looking it's really, really  nice

- take a screenshot

- print it out

- put it on your wall and  look at that regularly instead of Metcheck

 A man from Merthyr worries about rain in the Brecons :-)

Alanis Morrisette should take note of the true meaning of "Isn't it ironic" ;-)

To be honest I'm always thankful when it's sunny and dry at any festival. That way there's no chance of disappointment.

 Only for the three days of  the Greenman. I happily live in a climate that's akin to the bottom of a shower for the rest of the year. I think Merthyr may actually be a bit damper than the Beacons, though mercifully not as wet as Glyncorrwg.

 It's just that I once cycled back from the Gower to Liverpool via the Heads of the Valleys road and up the Marches, went through Merthyr and kipped rough in a doorway to Tesco. A fine mix of a welcome sight very early in the morning, but my god it was grey (it actually got worse when I hit the border sign to Hereford, full on thunderstorm, very beautiful sunny dark grey skies with the most vivid rainbows I've ever seen, and the highest bounding rain ever)

I'm a bit more sensible than that now :-)

 Respect! That is one nasty ride. I won't go on the A465 on my bike now- an apalling road these days. How long ago was that- we now got a24 hour Tesco with fierce security guards with walkie talkies&a grudge against humanity. Iused to live further down the valley- the sun rose at about ten in winter and set at 3.00. 

Oh it was about 1998, did a Sustran's workcamp in Dunvant, cycled down the midwales route A483, via Wrexham, Newtown, Builth Wells etc. There's a bench I made out of railway sleepers that I hope is still there by the path from Swansea to the Gower.

Didn't carry much on the bike, some clothes, but bivvied it as we camped in Dunvant Rugby club gym or something (long time ago), so I didn't take a tent with me. Was woken up one morning behind a hedge in Llandeillo by a bloke walking his dog, I was just on a tarp with my sleeping bag. Good times and quite friendly on the way down.

The midwales route was much easier, and very quiet. Did a lot of riding through the night though, which was excellent. It was a horrible ride on the Head of the Valleys early on the way back, some massive trucks at about 3 with a lot of drizzle. First night I managed to get to Merthyr, second night got to Shrewsbury. Cheated and got the train back to Liverpool from Chester on the 3rd day :-)

Was going to do the same to get to Greenman, but I'm coming down for the full week on Monday, with a 2 man tent, and doing most of my own cooking, so I decided to be sensible (I'm also a lot heavier and less fit these days :-), the spirit is willing for riding silly distances, the body is a bit weaker though. I'm slumming it on the train, and might do some walking instead.

Yeah, used to Audax a lot. Did Paris-Brest-Paris  in 1999 (and obviously the full Super Randonneur series to qualify, 200 was Yorkshire, 300 was Shrewsbury into Wales, 400 was the Peak District, 600 was Chorley to Newton Stewart via Shap and back (I think the 600 was much harder than PBP))

Entered the Ride Across Britain this year, but had undertrained, and had Asthma problems, brought on I think by the 60 mile an hour winds that ripped through the tents at John O Groats, so I packed at Glasgow. Riding Glen Coe and Rannoch Moor was ace though :-)

 Heh I'm sure I shared a cabin and rode with someone called Dave Lewis  from down that way. Got the ferry to  Le Havre to get to Paris for the start of the ride in 1999, spilt up with them at the Pont De Tancarville, as I wanted to ride down the banks of the Seine and take my time, I think they were  aiming to get to Paris in one day to get to their hotel, I kipped it rough all the way, and kipped outside Monet's house in Giverny there and back.

Small world :-)