ticket postage

Just received my tickets and looking forward to the event but was a little a little annoyed at the £5.50 I had to pay for ticket delivery, but hey I let it go, but was definitely annoyed when the tickets arrived standard post, not signed for, with a frank stating a price of 49p !!

The ticket companies already had their cut on the booking fee, this is a rip off on the delivery - sort it out Green Man

Cheers, Sean

(PS. not really a Facebook user but posted this on the GM page but it immediately disappeared, would they have deleted it?)

we had exactly the same experience. My Dad bought tickets, complained via email stating that this was standard post. Immediate, no argument refund given. Suggest you do likewise.

That sounds terrible. Which company was it? Sounds like one of them might have messed up?

I ordered through Seetickets and got a text and email this morning telling me my ticket is on the way and will need signing for. So all good so far with mine. Exciting!

Out of interest, who do you all mostly buy tickets through? Is there anything much between the agencies? I can't help favouring my local record store as I have that option, and you also save the £5.50 postal charge, but it does involve paying cash up front rather than being able to use credit card