Thursday timings are out

Thursday timings are out on today’s email from GMHQ. Anorac is on (hopefully) after Ed Dowie, though I for one am unlikely to be in sitting down to watch a film mood at 6.40pm that night!

The Merthyr College film is on at 15:20. I presume this is from last year. These are always lovely films and well worth a watch (aren't they cyfarthfa?)

What kind of amateur posts the same thing twice? Perhaps it had something to do with that damned pop up message getting in the way? Because the only other possible expiation is my incompetence...

Double threads, double posts, error messages, indecipherable Captchas, registration failures, lack of search, no photo hosting, stupid subliminal messages, abundant spam ........ it's all part of the GM forum experience that has turned us bitter and twisted over the years.

But I'm sure you haven't noticed.

I intially got no further than ‘Jimothy’ but was inspired by R_R’s ire to have a listen. I would say, I guess his mother loves him, but having given him a name like Jimothy, I’m not so sure


What a cunt.

Had not been aware of this person until now... thanks guys for making my life poorer.

Is he a product of one of those silly brit school type places? Some sort of North London media types hype-thing? I'm confused.

This year's Meatraffle I reckon. 

Possibly, Ray.

I watched half of this...

It reminded me of this at 0.58 ...

It all seems a little self indulgent to me.... even the 'enthusiastic' woman in the crowd seems to be glancing over at the camera a bit too much.

...and the drummer seems to have forgotten to put on his trousers, in all the excitement.

I might actually go to see them if there's nothing better on at that time (which is quite likely)

But I'll probably wear a blanket over my head like the chap on the left hand side of the stage.

funnily enough, immediately before them, the hungry ghosts are one of the very few things on friday i might be quite keen to see 

Probably tutting, ray. 

I doubt that a lady of a certain age wearing her varifocals on the end of her nose front of stage is really the image they are trying to cultivate.

I just updated the Clashfinder to reflect the current website running order for Mountain, Far Out, Walled Garden and Rising Stages. Still a lot of guesswork, particularly as its not clear whether the early hours stuff is listed first or last for some of the stages/days.  Also, while generally based on last year's timings, the number of acts per day/stage sometimes differs from last year.

Anyway, potential big positive for me is Kevin Morby and Rolling Blackouts no longer show as a clash.  I live in hope.

wait - what?

the fannies are now on at 2 in the morning?

that doesn't seem right...

yeah - definitely think that reordering in the day by day line up pages is a red herring

no way nathan fake - an after hours dj - is on first on the saturday, for instance