third announcement

was 25th april last year

so tomorrow then?

(i see from the etesticles list that the big moon and black belt eagle scout have been added since last time - but that can't be it, surely?)

Thanks for the tips on this forum for Mama’s Broke and Mapache - really like both! Think both were recommended by Kras if I’m not mistaken? 

I’m looking at (subject to timings being finalised):

Thursday: Nov3l > Audiobooks > TNP > Amadou & Mariam (saw PT last year he was amazing so gutted to miss him this year) 

Friday: Mama’s Broke > TVAM > The Beths > Julia Jacklin > Bridget St John > Squid > Broken Social Scene (+ hopefully bit of Khruangbin/Jesca Hoop/Just Mustard) > Yo La Tengo > Snapped Ankles 

Saturday: (What a line up on the Mountain Stage!) Meic Stevens > Mapache > Stella Donnelley > Sons of Kemet > Lee Fields > Big Thief > Stereolab > Car Seat Headrest > The Comet is Coming 

Sunday: Self Esteem > Say Sue Me > Anais Mitchell > Aldous Harding > Eels > Sharon > IDLES > Deptford Northern Soul 

i've actually found a couple of other things where they don't seem so vehemently serious!

so i shall probably see you there on friday 'morning'

Splits look pretty decent to me, can't see any major clashes, a couple of suprising stage choices though. Would have had Squid nailed on for the Far Out, but maybe a bit of the noise in the Walled Garden might shift some of the blanket dwellers. Also, some acts I thought would be on the main stage are in the Walled Garden which is great.

Sunday headliners are a bit of a weak point for me, not a fan of Idles and wouldn't watch FJM if he was in my back garden which means I need to get listening to Nilufer Yanya, I don't think I've heard anything of her's. Overall I'm really happy with how things have panned out.

Gutted that I won’t be able to see Nilufer - think her album and previous singles are fantastic but its got to be IDLES for me. I love Tears, Melt and Safety Net from the album in particular. 

Have you asked them nicely? I mean.....I know they are a bit busy to, say, revarnish yr fence. But I'm sure, if you provided the equipment, they will make you a cuppa if you asked nicely....

Sound like a Blockheads (not very good) tribute band!

i wouldn't let idles varnish my fence

and misty seems like a terrible cunt who's accidentally made a mid 80s elton john album

so deffo nilufer yanya for me too

the couple of videos from before the album came out sold her to me

but haven't got on all that well with the album itself

the concept part of it feels a bit unneccesary

but i'm guessing she'll be good value live

like she gives a monkey's what i think

Yes, agree about the concept parts, ruins the album for me, but the songs are good and should be good live.  But I'm feeling if I don't do Idles I will regret it.









Hairy Elton does nothing for me and I think I'd get bored of Idles after the opening song so I hope there's room for one more at the Nilufer party. 





Another for Nilüfer here. I’m assuming the Thursday schedules will be a little more staggered than Clashfinder currently suggests. Still way too many green blocks on mine, so more whittling required to ascertain my likely schedule 

Looks like there will be a decent crowd in the Walled Garden late on Sunday then. Sharon Van Etten, a couple of pints then over to see Nilufer Yanya seems like a nice end to the festival for me.

Seeing as we will all be there on the Sunday, how about holding the Forum meet up there and then.  finally, Ray would have no excuse and have to meet us all.

Well I'm going to buck the trend and watch Idles.

Not a massive fan of Nulifer, and whilst some of FJM's songs are magnificent (Pure Comedy for example), a lot of it is just dull filler.


i shall have to wear my mask

or shave off my beard and stroke something else

I think I am decided on most of these potential clashes but one I flip back and forth with is Durand Jones Vs Beths.  Any thoughts or recommendations?

I'm the same on that one. If it's a lovely sunny afternoon then Durand Jones on the Mountain stage will be lovely. Should the weather not be at it's usual Brecon Beacons best then the lure of a relatively dry tent may win out.

photos of the programme schedule are up over on the testicles

huge richard thompson / stereolab clash is gutting for me

but probably not for that many people

Stereolab and RT clash is majorly bothering me too. Will probably do Stereolab due to the fact I've not seen them before and seen Thompson a few times, and putting him in the tent is weird. 

White Fence and Eels clash is also bad, but that one had been predicted before. 

A Black Country, New Road and Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert clash on Saturday for me - Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert it is though. A slight Big Thief overlap too but I'll manage that with a brisk walk.

Friday is, as expected, clash day for us.

Julia jacklin/pigs x7/Anna st louis is annoying. Dry Cleaning/squid/gwenno/fat white family is pretty gutting.

i'm very lucky that the RT / stereolab clash is the ONLY one for me

especially as there are so many bands i want to see this year

as opposed to last year - when there were only five

and three of them clashed