third announcement

was 25th april last year

so tomorrow then?

(i see from the etesticles list that the big moon and black belt eagle scout have been added since last time - but that can't be it, surely?)

So either there's been a snag with a headliner and they're trying to get a replacement, or there's some contractural reason why they have to wait till very late, or they're doing something weird like having no formal Friday headliner (unlikely- though when Van Morrison played and refused to be on stage after 5pm there was sort of no headliner).

It seems most likely that there's a contractual reason for the late announcement, maybe part of a big comeback tour that the artist doesn't want to commit to until a late stage due to health or something? Anyone fit that bill? Or a collaboration that's still in progress?

Having said that, it's gonna be something underwhelming like the War on Drugs....

Speaking of comebacks, The Futureheads are doing a lot of festivals this year and I don't think they've done GM before. Can picture them appearing early evening on the mountain stage. 

new album, 'lost girls', sept 6th

no tour announcements yet

and natasha has history with GM, premiering the sexwitch project in 2015

probably not big enough to headline though?

I'd be happy if thats true and though not big enough to headline if they are desperate for a female headliner its possible.

Surely now they've sold the tickets the "being big enough to headline" point is less important and "will they entertain the crowds for 90 minutes" is the bigger question. Think that would be a good call. 

i'd be very pleased

she'll have come a long way from banging her stick on the stage of the folkey dokey back in 2006

(though i do like the stick-banging material more than the recent stuff)

I don't think anything is going to happen till July or possibly after the rising final.

It's Isle Of Wight and Download this weekend. Perhaps Green Man has to wait for them to finish before announcing George Ezra or Slipknot.

First time I've noticed it but that Isle of Wight line up is a shocker,I'm not sure there is anyone there I would want at Green Man.

Awful, isn't it? They normally have at least one massive headliner like Springsteen or Fleetwood Mac but this year looks like it was done on the cheap. 

In my dream they are just waiting for Anais Mitchell to get back to them and confirm she'll be bringing the entire Hadestown  cast over to headline on Saturday.  Just won 8 Tony awards!

As somebody pointed out on the eFestivals board, in 2015 the final wave of acts plus Thursday headliner Leftfield weren't announced until the middle of July so we could have another month to wait yet.

Interesting. 2015 sold out on 4 June, which is one of the earliest to sell out before this year. So maybe they're simply holding back on announcing because they don't need to. 

Now that the festival has no problem in selling out, paying huge amounts for a big name is pretty pointless unless they're going to be really good. It just needs to be somebody who'll put on a special extended show. There are plenty of GM regulars it it would be great to see getting a bit of extra exposure- people like British Sea Power and The Unthanks have been regularly getting great responses down the bill and could easily fill a longer slot. 

Hoping it'll be a Gorkys comeback, though. That would be the best announcement ever.

Having just read a piece in this month's Shindig magazine I'd say there was absolutely no possibility of a Gorky's reunion! Been a while since Euros played though isn't it? Or Richard James? And whilst on the subject of Welsh artists - an announcement that Cate Le Bon, Meilyr Jonesand Sweet Baboo were being added would be most welcome.

Aidan Moffat has just confirmed that he'll be playing on the Saturday with RM Hubbert - lovely stuff. I saw someone say Self Esteem has also confirmed so it looks like there are still a few reasonably big names being to be announced officially.



YEAH! I love Hubby and Moff!

Walled Garden headliners? 

Any more clues? I noticed Tame Impala- who would be an incredible announcement- is in Europe for GM, but is playing a festival in the Netherlands on Friday and Belgium on Saturday so guess that's a no.  Other than that, the only possible from scrawling other festival lineups is the Gossip, who are playing in Ireland on Saturday and I could just about picture as a Friday headliner? Probably more likely for the Far Out Stage???

Otherwise, my previous hunch that it's some sort of one-off comeback type job or a special collaboration is likely.

still hoping it'll be bat for lashes

no dates announced at all yet, on the back of that album announcement

and GM could seriously use a female headliner

Yeah Tame Impala were rulled out by GM on twitter before the first announcement in any case.

Given the delay, it might be that they’ve struggled to get a third headliner for the Friday and may end up bumping up an act previously announced (e.g. Yo La Tengo). 

I thought Patti Smith might be quite likely looking at her tour dates but not sure they would have held off annoincing her. 


Perhaps they approached Patti Smith, with the proviso she does not do the awful Amy Winehouse song. 

Much as I was a fan of Amy and still a fan of Patti, that song was dire.

still missing a thursday headliner as well, aren't we?

assumed it would be idles at first - but looks like they're in france that day - thank fuck

and if BFL are too small to headline the main stage, they'd be a fantastic thursday headliner

(though that horrible tent will be mobbed)

So Idles are definitely not Thursday headliners. If whoever it is are already on the poster then nobody really jumps out. Stereolab or Yo La Tengo perhaps? 

I think I've asked this before. But......what with them trying to sell a gig at ally pally tmrw, are we SURE Idles arnt the third headliner? And it's not confirmed yet due to them wanting to sell this gig out? After all, Four Tet played the palace recently too....

so, for anyone who hasn't been following it on the etesticles forum, and totally piggy-backing on someone else there's hard work / nerdiness, here's what we know so far about who's playing which day:

THU    15

Alex Rex



Marika Hackman (unconfirmed)


FRI      16

Modern Nature

Yo La Tengo


Amadou & Mariam

Maribou State

Broken Social Scene

Julia Jacklin

Steve Mason

Bill Ryder-Jones


The Beths

Durand Jones & the Indications



Grimm Grimm

Penelope Isles


Mama's Broke


SAT     17

Four Tet

Stella Donnelly

Richard Thompson

Car Seat Headrest

Lee Fields & The Expressions

Sons of Kemet

A Certain Ratio

The Comet Is Coming

Bridget St John

Tiny Ruins

Hen Ogledd

Willie J Healey

Chappaqua Wrestling

Aidan Moffatt & RM Hubbert


SUN   18



The Limiñanas

A Certain Ratio



Hand Habits

The Growlers

White Fence

Anais Mitchell

Big Thief


Hand Habits

James Heather

Gwenifer Raymond

Wych Elm


Aldous Harding

Etesticles (the staff not the forum posters) were right shits to a couple of my forum friends from Womad.  At the end of the day it is a corporate entity Making shedloads of money from advertisers or trying to get punters to pay up and avoid the adverts.  A free forum got set up instead and we all moved over as a show of unity.

Ray might call us all the names under the sun at different times (and I would not have it any other way) but this is a much better forum to be on than that other place.  and at least Walter gets to see off all the cheap drug dealers, gambling sites and other rogues that try to muscle their way in.

i promise i'm not trying to start a war!

(though obvs if someone wants to start one on my behalf, i will promise to attend the eventual unveiling of my statue)

"Hey, please don’t wind up the GM Forum lot, they might all get in a taxi and come and get us."


as if any of you would ever get in a cab with me!

We should have a meetup a few metres from the Etesticles meet-up and stare each other out for ages.

Or just have a friendly chat instead.