thinking of going solo

I've been going it alone for years.Everyone has been extremely friendly so far.The only drawback is setting your tent up alone(but sometimes people offer help).You'll have a blast.....and if you're stuck for company just holler,i'll talk to anyone.

 Is there any kind of Billy No-Mates camp set up for solo flyers?  Have appreciated these greatly at Latitude and EOTR in previous years.  Obviously, it quickly becomes a bit of a misnomer as you soon have loads of mates, or hopefully at least.

I'd love to come but seem to be a Billy No Mates too.  Putting my tent up on my own is the simplest thing in the world - it's the having someone to turn round to and say wow, did you see what thingumygig did with his whatyoumacallit I miss!

 I will be there from the 16th meeting family .

My advice just go. . ..

I spent too much time in my life wanting to do something and waiting for company . .

everyone is friendly  and you will find company when you get there  but e mail me and we can exchange mobile numbers and arrange to meet when you arrive regards Ann

 I'm going solo as well which is rather scary. but I'm from Australia and figure how many times am I going to be in Europe with the ability to go to such an awesome festival? But it's good to know there are others who have done it and it was good! If any other solo goers want to chat beforehand let me know =)

Get a flag & post a description of it up on here. That way at least people on the forum will know what to look for. Then when you're there & a group starts forming, look out for other solo festivalers & invite them to join you.

The festival is small enough that finding each other when the fun really starts is pretty easy, even without mobile phones.

I'll be there with a number of others, but will look out for said flag :)

Solo camp sounds a great idea...I will look out for it...look forward to meeting all you great independent people!

 Looks like the beginnings of a forum campsite! The Forum Campsite at Leed Festival is one of the few places on the whole site where you can find music fans.

 Just a camp where people who have got to know each other on here can get together and revel. I'd be up for camping with everyone, we camped with just the 2 of us last year (although Peggy Sue were very nice neighbours) but I imagine it'd be a lot of fun if we had a crowd.

I'm planning on coming solo too... just over from Oz and this is one festival I don't want to miss!

Anyone come up with an image for the flying solo flag?!




flying solo...? Sooo not sure how to link this.... here's an image that might work...?

It's a stylized person (like a capital 'T' shape) with a solitary 'eye' for a head...  Paint it in some bright colour and hang it high!!

Unless anyone has a better idea...? :D looks like I'm going to be the first of the solo flyers arriving...will rustle up some flag making equipment and get the solo camp planted :)

 What a spooky image. Our camp of three will be sure to join you Thursday!

I can't believe I have 3 festivals before Green Man.

Spooky fact I may need to fashion something a little simpler for the flag (on account of my lack of drawing skills) a smiley face :) ...unless hundreds of other clever people have had the same which case there will be hundreds of smiley face flags all over the place.

Either way everyone's sure to end up camping with someone!

MoonWillow, you might not be the first... I'm going on my own (if I can't persuade my nieces) and bought a holiday ticket so I could ease my social phobia in before most people get there!

emilyscat...excellent...that get's me out of flag duty! :) I'd been wondering how to get a tall enough pole...when will you arrive?

I'm still not sure, probably going to depend on the weather!! (as someone who was rained off a Cornish campsite last year when the tent just couldn't take any more...)

I was never a girl guide, so happily know NOTHING about flagpoles, but I'm quite tall - shall I just stand in the middle of the field and wave?


At festivals you often see people with those telescopic flagpoles...I have no idea where they get them from but if you do want a flag they're probably the best option, rather than a wooden pole & guyropes, & squashed tents if it falls down.

 Rumour has it that the ticketless are being smuggled in via bongos.

Please ensure that they are confiscated,torn apart and searched at gate entry.

I was of course referring to the eastern or mountain bongo, T. eurycerus isaaci, of Kenya, I'd sooner take my chances with conservationists. 

So.... how exactly are the ticketless to be inserted into a not very large variety of antelope? Noted for its distinctive colouring, and it's disimularity to a south Wales Mountain sheep? How then are the ticketless to be removed on arrival? I know,  you could call them Morris Dancers!

Think even the GM security might notice a troupe of hanky weilding jingly legged, top hat wearing Russel Brand types dancing through the entrance..... there again?

OoOoO what a tease.You'll be easily spotted with your whip and slave.

Tread carefully we don't want any more tears.

Did you just call me a cynic?

Hiya, yes I'm there on Wedsnesday as I am working in the bars - also a solo attendee.  It would be great to meet anyone else who wouldn't mind company between shifts.

 We need individual pocket size laminated flags,preferably fluorescent so Dani D can spot us in the queue at the bar.Consider my company granted Dani D. I love you xxxxxxxxx

As for the rest of you questioning my sincerity,I spotted this opportunity to make a GREAT new friend thirst!

If anyone wants to meet up with us (me and my mate tom) we are both friendly 25 year old guys who are huge Joanna Newsom fans and like a drink!


Maybe we could arrange a gathering for Thursday night or something?

Hey! I'm 25, a Joanna Newsom (and drink) fan! I'll be arriving thursday afternoon/evening - be good to meet up with a few others as I'll be going by myself...

this is going to be brilliant i can't wait, i think we are planning to get there for about 1ish on the thursday, so whoever will be there, let us know!

@mentalsoup i will let you know what we are putting on our tent as a sign it's us then come say hello!