Things for 2019

Unable to make this year, I am opening the bidding for 2019 early with a new discovery - for me at least. A native of my newly adopted nation, Peter Bibby:  

At the risk of creating the opposite of a self fulfilling prophecy, I'll eat my leg if his attitude does not appeal to Mr Rad. 






Hopefully I will be able to report from his live show in a few months. Hoping to make the Melbourne gig, but will definately make Canberra. 

Looking forward to your reports Nathan. Tell him we'll be campaigning for his presence at UK festivals next year.


Would like Saucerful of Secrets to headline the far out---the Nick Mason led band playing early Pink Floyd.

Love the early Floyd albums but  was to young to see them until the Dark Side of the Moon tour.Might be good as Thursday headliner.

1994 and the Division Bell tour at Earl's Court was my first live experience.

I was 9 when Dark Side of the Moon was released, although my dad had all the early albums so they formed the soundtrack to my childhood.

dear god

and apparently people want to JOIN this forum...

Only if they come with a time machine so we can go back 50 years to the original bands. And, as it would mean dropping in on 1969, pick up Family and Fairport Convention en route.

I agree with that sentiment of Yes and King Crimson but those early Floyd albums,especially Piper still sound wonderful 50 years later.


the syd stufff is wonderful, of course

but also the early post-syd records

'obscured by clouds' is a particular favourite at rad towers

May 1967, Pink Floyd, I believe with Syd Barrett, played at the Gwent Constabulary Annual Ball. This took place in a barn at Wood Farm, Grosmont, a little village just outside Abergavenny. A year or so later the original Peter Green Fleetwood Mac (with Danny Kirwan) and Jethro Tull played on the same night at the same venue - The Grosmont Blues Festival.

March 29, 1968 I was at the Marquee Club - the bill was Jethro Tull and Fleetwood Mac. Brilliant gig.  I've forgotten a lot of my visits to the Marquee, but not that one.

so, so good in london last night

would be a triumph on the main stage

and if he headlined the thursday, it'd be just a day after his 78th birthday...

 I can see/hear him on the main stage year is my tenth GM. I must be owed a wish come true, no?

did you make either of the UK shows?

that band are ridiculously good

jeff pevar is probably a bit too much of a wailing rock guitar god for some

but he's such a big galumph, it's hard to hear his soloing as anything other than his own pure joy at what he's miraculously able to do

such a different experience without the other two giant egos competing for space on the stage too

i saw him with CPR first - but always with stills and nash since

was great to see him get to run the show again

didn’t have the ££ to go to the Manchester show this weekend

last saw CSN at Glastonbury in 2009. my best experience there in four visits spread over 30 years 


Going to see him in London next week ... could be gig of the year I reckon.

loving that

and how much does he look (and sound) like ray davies...!

I imagine the following are sure to make an appearance next year: 

Cat Power 

Sharon van etten

Gregory Alan Isakov

Kurt Vile 

Courtney Barnett 

Duds, again.  New album is brilliant.  I stupidly missed them in the far out this year.



audiobooks please. Yet to see them live, hoping to remedy that next year

Yes please. A shoo-in I’d have thought, having done the Green Man boat thing last year, and David Wrench being Welsh. Could kick myself now I didn’t go to their Spillers Records in-store a couple of weeks back, but have a ticket to see them in Clwb in March.