Is there a ‘please god no’ list for 2020?

Can I kick us off with Fontaine's DC?

and Bill Fay?


Just dipping in here. Please no to Sleaford Mods and Kate Tempest. Though I quite like it when people like that play as it's a perfect excuse to finish the night at the Walled Garden.

Fontaines DC are okay, I'd see them if there's nothing much else going on. Public Service Broadcasting won me over a bit when they did Thursday night, but wouldn't excite me much on a lineup.

And a big yes to Bill Fay, and British Sea Power (they get better and better- controversial view: now that GM doesn't need big name headliners to sell out, bands like that could headline). And seeing the mention of Vorster reminded me I was listening to Robert Forster last week, I'm amazed he's never done Green Man (has he?). Would be a great Friday afternoon on the mountain stage act.

There's a long list of bands/artists that, while they have played at Green Man once and I'm glad they did, I'd rather not see again. I want new stuff - Sleaford Mods, Public Service Broadcasting and Kate Tempest are all on the list.

I'll add my name to the no Fontaines DC and British Sea Power list. You need some breaks to eat or whatever though so maybe a few duds is OK.