Please tell me we won't be seeing cardboard tents appearing? Ridiculous idea. The eco-thing is reduce-reuse-recycle. The problem is disposability of tents, not to make them from a stupid material. 

Not sure what the solution is, other than a change in culture. If a tent hire system could ever be viable and popular that would be brilliant- there'd be a lot of practical hurdles to get over but I'd far rather that's invested in than human-size cardboard boxes.

Is tents being left a big problem at GM? I'm usually gone by 9 on Monday morning so don't really see- there's usually a few smashed up tents in the bin areas....

really? when i saw cardbord tents my first thought was it was a joke.

maybe i'm being a bit harsh but eurgh, the environmental impact ofproduction for convienience makesmewant to vomit.

I'm spent a fair wack on a tent, after much saving, ten years ago and am still using the same one.

I don't drive so it had to be lightweight and with a certain amount of convience but not disposable convienience. Don't get me started on pop up tents!

Just eurghh

Me too- a mid-price lightweight 2-person tent has lasted me 70-80 nights over a decade in all weathers and should last at least another 50 (despite the dodgy zip which means a bit of fun gymnastics to get in or out after a few drinks). The cardboard stuff is a total missing of the point- reducing and reusing is the key.

Don't think leaving tents behind has ever been an issue at Green Man alhtough I've never been in general camping In the family camping area I think most people don't leave anything behind.

Horses for courses. We also have been bringing the same tent for the last nine years to Green Man. But we are a family who camp anyway and prepared to invest in a big decent quality tent. The cardboard tent guy was interviewed on 6Music and his target demographic are younger people who dont camp except at festivals and so buy the cheapest tent they can find. Because they are cheap and nasty, they then cant be bothered to take then down and reuse. In terms of hiring tents on site, if they made the price in line with the price of buying a crappy tent im sure it would be really popular. Instead they hire out these glamping teepees to the well-heeled for a small fortune. The carboard tent company have a process for recycling the tents so it sounds reasonably sustainable to me. At least compared to a sea of battered abandoned nylon tents that are destined for land-fill.