Teen ticket price hike

Daughter's friend fancies joining us so I'd said ticket would be £160, the amount I'd paid for our two for settlers.

A shock then when I go to the tickets page to see that now only 'tier two' teen tickets are available at £195 - the same price as an adult ticket! For settlers this would be £245! This is for a 15 year-old kid. Sorry but that just smacks of greed Green Man.

So daughter's friend almost certainly won't be coming and daughter might start having second thoughts too. Leaves a bit of a bad taste that.

No-one selling a teen ticket at the original price i suppsoe?

I think they posted something on Facebook/Twitter last week to say teen tickets were running low. I guess that means they only allocate a fixed number of reduced teen ticket, regardless of number of teens attending. I can see that might be just a bit frustrating though!

They weren't really reduced to start with though. I don't know where Green Man think 12-16 year-olds get all that income from. Getting to the point where I'm seriously going to have to consider taking a few years out until the kids can gt litter picking jobs. By which time they'll be going to Leeds or Reading and I can come on mye tod!


It's a huge financial leap from Little Folk tickets to Teen tickets for scant extra benefits... even at the earlybird prices.

My two teen GM veterans of 11 years have decided to scale back from Settlers to one of them coming for the weekend only with a friend, the other one not at all.

The idea of them going to Leeds, which is also their intention, fills me with dread.



is it just that teen tickets have run out?

and therefore you have to buy an adult ticket if you're a teen?

teen tickets are expensive to start with, though, as you say

They're calling them tier 2 tickets, something they've never done before but yes, they're effectively adult tickets. Seems pretty short-sighted as presumably will put off families with older kids from booking tickets. A family of four booking now will have to shell out just shy of a grand. Call me an old Yorkshireman set in my ways but frankly that's bonkers.

Teens are expensive enough without the ticket cost.

No longer satisfied with a six quid bowl of pasta and a packet of Pom Bears, they insist on consuming vast amounts of adult festival food and then spend most of each day congregating back at the campsite, eating the rest of your food and feigning boredom, only coming to find you for another hand out. 

It's a tricky age all ways round.

I'm glad mine gained their festival chops at GM though.


just got a mail out saying that tickets are 'running low' altogether

a sell out in march?

no wonder they haven't bothered with a second announcement...

Surely if they're all just there for Demarco, that leaves plenty of space at the other stages? Maybe this is the response to the Idles crowding problem last year? 

Waiting for the last few tickets to go before they make an announcement? Novel marketing strategy:)

I can see how announcing bands in waves is best for generating interest and selling tickets, but now they could just reveal one band every other day for the next few months. Could help generate interest in some of the bands down the bill? 

First time in 11 years I haven't bought a ticket (yet). Other things going on, probably be sold out by the time I can commit.

That's what's holding me up as much as anything. I'm sure there's a lot that others like. As you know, if AA Bondy was announced I'd be on the phone straight away.